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What Masonry means to people

Their thoughts on the Meaning of Masonry

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Turning The Hiram Key

Find out what Masonry means to Robert by reading his latest book, Turning The Hiram Key.

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By wasilla ak.

it is my hope to become a mason ,, i am a union carpenter 28 years , as a apprentice my instructors were mason's.
the truth will set us free ... free will !
By Cephar
1. I don't really think it is secret any longer .. It does have secrets but these are more to try character.

2. By application it produces order .. It is a source of research that never fails to astound me .. (And I pity those who have had their ritual savaged by "modernisation!)

3. Rather bewildered but very impressed by the obvious effort put in by those conducting the ceremony.

4. Difficult to assess .. but it frequently reminds me of the "oughts" I should endeavour.

5. Can not rather than should not. I am constantly suprised by concepts, values etc still! (After 36 years and various degrees of rank.. but then we are all aware that honour does not come from mere election to office, however exalted that office may be!)

Does Masonry make good men better? I think it does, but I know that the process is continuous. I suspect the Genuine Secrets of a Master Mason may be two inches behind the eyes and in the heart.
By knockingthedoor
Well, in my case, I do not know much about Mansonry.
I am actually in the process of trying to be accepted in one of the lodges in my city.
But so far, ignoring the all crazy and baseless statements that you can find in the internet, what I have found in mansonry is that is a school, a school of virtues, a school of philosophy, a school of character, and that's the reason I have approached the craft and I am intending to be part of such a honorable society.

Should be kept secret?, well, why not?. I mean, I am just trying to be part of the society but so far, the fact that is secret is building so much anticipation and emotion that maybe is part of the teachings that I am awaiting for. In the other hand, been secret is not neccesarily a bad things, because maybe for the people that is not initiated yet, or are just not part of the craft, maybe if they know everything about the rituals, or words, or whatever is there that is secret, they would missinterpret and misunderstand everything. Besides, secret is everywhere, I do not know what's my president is doing today or the pope, what the manager of my bank is doing today, or what my mayor or the closest priest is planning neither, so what's the buzz???.

Sometimes, when I go to the initial meetings, I think that maybe there should be more information available to the newcomer, but in the other hand, I have not seen the other side of the coin in order to have a clear opinion. I will tell you later, haha.

Sorry for my spelling and grammar mistakes, english is my second language and my writing is not the best.
Well, looking forward to read your book, if you want to launch and spanish version, let me know. Cheers, L.C.C.

By Bro. Kenneth C. Portley
I am a fourth generation freemason of the Prince Hall faction. This institution has had a very positive effect on my life. Early in my Masonic life I was not mentally or spiritually prepared for the start of my journey. However, throughout my travels in the military and the guideance of WELL INFOPRMED BRETHREN,I was brought to true masonic light.
As I searched books, ancient texts, the library of congress and others for the secret, to no avail, I was recited a story from one the older brothers about three demons who wanted to hide the secrets of life from man. The story goes, that three demons conspired to hide the secrets of life from man, the first suggested to hide it a the bottom of the ocean, the second at the top of the highest mountain. The third reminded the other two of how man with his ingenunity and intelligence would one day overcome both of these obstacles. This in turn caused the other two demons to inquire of the third where he thought it best to hide from man the secrets of life; his reply was to hide the secrets inside of man, for the last place he would look was inside of himself.
This small story changed my life, allowing me to put away my fears and look deep into the inner recesses of my spirit being to find that which was lost. I have been on this journey now for some 25 years and I would not change a thing.I am proud and fortunate to be a member of the craft.
Dear Sirs,

I think in today's environment secrecy is a joke. The handshakes and passwords are all on the web.

I knew the rituals prior to going through them and I think it would have made more of an impact on me if it was a suprize. I felt no different after it.

Meetings are boring. We just go through the opening and closing ceromonies and have very little to discuss.

I've been studying Kabbalah on my own and that has had the most influence on my life. I would love to get the lodge involved but I fear they may try to burn me at the stake. The Chaplin is a real Ordained Minister and I know he would not like it.

I have been a Mason for about 3 years now. I joined a Blue lodge here in Georgia, USA and was shocked to find the members were completely ignorant of Masonry. All they knew was the catecism and that was it. I was greatly disappointed because I read several books including your Hiram Key series. I joined the Scottish-Rite and was even more disappointed. I became a 32 degree Mason in a weekend. I leaned almost nothing in that weekend and decided to take the Master Craftsman course from the Supreme Council. I could find nobody in the Scottish-Rite who was well read and knowledgable. All it is is a dinner club and very few people show up. Nobody in any of the lodges around here reads anything and attendance is at best 10% for any lodge. Most people around here are Funamentalist Christians (mainly Baptists) and the most important thing is college football followed by Jesus and hunting and fishing in that order. I hesitate to even discuss some of the subjects that are at the core of Masonry like the Templars, Kabbalah, Tarot etc. These people think anything that is not Orthodox Christian is demonic. It's quite depressing and I have to agree that Masonry is a dying organization. The best thing for me to do is continue to read and not concern myself with trying to educate my lodge brothers because we all know that no good deed goes unpunished.


By James
I am a mason. I was raised February of this year. Masonry should be kept secret. It is knowledge that is reserved for those who wish to honestly work on themselves. It was not meant for the passive observer. This doesn't mean that information about masonry should not be available. If one is willing to take the time to study and learn about it, one should have that opportunity. However the actual methods and teacings should be reserved for those who actively "knock". Sublime knowledge and experience made base for the masses serves no one.

If my knowledge of masonry was restricted to what I experience in my initiations, I would be very disappointed. However, luckily, I had made inquiry into a number of spiritual systems and philosophical viewpoints for the 20 years preceding my association with the masonry, so I was able to fill in the missing gaps from my own experience. Although I suppose that is in the design. The gaps are left for one to put one's own experience in to truly internalize the process. I suppose that if one were given a system that was based on someone else's cultural and spiritual experience, something profound would be lost in the process. But then, that's what has happened to most organized religion.

I feel that as a mason, I should hold myself to a higher standard that most, based striclty on the fact that as a mason, I KNOW BETTER! When one spends time studying the perfecting of perfection (reference Circle of Iron, David Carradine), one is actively learing how to live in harmony with natural and metaphysical laws. To not abide by those laws after knowing better would just be silly. If you hit yourself in the head with a hammer, I don't want to hear you complain that it hurt.

Masonry is something that should not be put into words. It should be experienced and every person who experiences will have their own words to describe it, but no words can honestly convey the experience. They are only fingers pointing to the moon, you have to look the moon yourself to see it.

As a separate thought, what it the possibility that the G could symbolize gnosis, as referring to self knowledge gained only by obervation and experience of the phenomena of the universe around us?
By Neet
Not just the thoughts on masonry, but what the books, The Hiram Key, The second Messiah, Uriel's Machine and The book of Hiram unvails to the open minded and curious soul...

I'd like to start with saying what lead me to where I am today.
As a person who is beholding no religeous inclination towards any destinct faith (and is concidered by everyone who knows the mechanics of my thought process to be an agnostic and seeker of truth), have been doing a lot of research into various beliefe systems, as well as history of our civilization as we know it.
This began when I was very young and more specifically when my mom told me the stories of her fantastic history teacher who inspired everyone. When I went to school I was looking forward to the same inspiration but was very dishapointed when that particular subject no longer was thought as an individual subject in norwegian school. But we did have some projects that got my mind going, and the first one I ever did was on the Egyptians, and Tut Anch-Amon. This sparked my still ongoing facination with ancient societies and their beliefs, myths and legends. As I've grown up I've continued looking into the wonderful and vast information as it has become available to the lay person and when 14. I read three different bibles to compare the information within them wich again turned my interest towards the Knights Temlars and their origins, and from there to various other subjects whenever something struck my imagination.
At this moment in time I'm doing some research for a friend of mine who is writing a book series with wich the author wants to ressonate the correct history to the extent that it can be a plausible and alternative to acepted history. My friend is someone who actually hates writing, but does it extremly well and have had this story popping into the conciousness for a while now before accepting that it has to be written. When I was taken into confidence on the subject I found that everything that I'm interested in and is inspired by has found its way into the "storyline", and promptly said I would do some research on the various points in history which might be of importance. Little did i know that the key points of the authors story would coincide with the books mentioned above in somewhat spooky ways.
Once me and my friend started to do research I had already some ideas that this would be a huge undertaking and that I wanted to seek out information that I had until then not concidered. Having read and re read numerous books of accepted and "prooved correct" history I found myself still having a lot of doubt on many subjects and especially on the various different religions of the world and their origins. At this point I started re reading some of the Mesopotamian myths and legends, as well as the Greek, Roman, Norse and Egyptian ones and started noticing many similarities that spans over too vast a timespan to be a coincidence.
Talking to my friend who mentioned that a secret within a secret society such as Knights Templar or Freemasonry had started to emmerge into the storyline I set out to find out more on these matters and what I started with was The Hiram Key.
I have to say that I was surprised to read and find in paper a lot of my own thoughts on events taking place in history as all the books mentioned above has taken me on a journey that is only just begining (I believe) wich also is hightening my own belief that there's no such things as a coincidence and that everyone is put on their path in time for personal enlightenment and growth when ready.

This brings me to the questions of wether or not Fremasonry should remain secret or more open...
My answer as a non mason is as such: I believe that even though it will have to shed more light on its "inner workings" to remain alive as a society as is, my personal thought is that even though the rituals would be open to the general public the secrets it contains will at large still be hidden to most people. This I say because while a ritual or a story is told it will not be understood unless it is "experienced" or explained in a way that appeals to the various people of the world. With this I mean that each persons brain is absorbing the informaon in slightly different way and will emphesise on different structures and evoke emotions on different levels. To give a messurable ref. look at the new testament and the various christian sects that has inspired. Look at the old testament and the major belief systems that has given....

The other question wich I can comment on here is what does Masonic ritual mean to me.
Well this is something that is difficult to put into one scentence, and as a non mason I can only comment on the publicly known ones and their content, but I will try.
To me the rituals represents both an oral history tradition as a way of keeping information for future benefit because they are repeated to the point that your brain is reciting as if from a book, and as a spiritual rising of your inner knowledge and to act as an illumination of your soul's search/thirst for enlightenment. What you gain from a ritual is not just a sence of belonging but also a sence of importance, wich in some cases can lead to great egos and non understanding internally, but also a hightend sence of self realisation that rarely happens without some transitory phase, ritual or milestone marker among equals no mater what religion or belief system you are following.

My reason for making this contribution here has as many layers as Freemasonry and histrory itself has, but firstly I wanted to give some thoughts back to two great researcher of history who have put together a force de tour of information and that to the detriment of some and joy for others. Secondly I am very surprised that so many of my own thoughts (that of a lay person without formal training in history and research as such) have found themselves into these books of knowledge. Thirdly the fact that my friend's ideas all incorporate the Masonic history and that of the spirit wich I believe is within has found a solid base in the storyline without my friend knowing anything at all about Masonic belief or history. And because through my search for knowledge I have found something that inspires me to reach even further!

Hopefully this will inspire more people to enlighten themselves, to seek out knowledge and find their path's in life!
By Yoachim54
I am favorably inclined towards Masons in general and in particular, for reasons of their generally supportive nature for society, and toleration for peoples of different creeds and ethnicities.I myself am a believer in G-d ,or the lifeforce in man that needs to be cultivated and needs to be useful.I was raised as a Roman Catholic, and I still have a certain fondness for that perspective, but I don't identify with their past[or present] antipathy against Freemasonry.Or the Evangelical community with an incessant need to see the Devil's works everywhere.In the early 60's with Vatican II, the Catholic Church was moving gradually towards a more ecumenical and unifyied relationship with both Protestantism and Judaism.But lately the Church has been atavistically going backwards in a defensive posture.I like my mother before me, reflect a more liberal position, and as a student of comparative religions .I see God everywhere.I had learned of "Unity", a New Thought mindset years ago, and Rosicrucianism and many other ideas that invigorate and give wings to new imaginative ideas.There are many myths involved in belief systems, but they are_ True_ in a way that can teach us better ways to live.I am a believer in whatever binds [religere] us together as a society.The ideas that we have in common and hold us together as a people,in our families, and our nations and our planet.The Masons are good guys in this venture of life.It's not really a Secret what they believe and do.Sometimes secrets are buried ,right out in the open.You just got to open your mind.Thanks for the good works and the good thoughts. Sincerely Patrick D. Prein *
By A. Mason - Province of Norfolk

Is it wonderful to be a Mason? - others might well ask,
pomp and ceremony all cloaked with a mysterious mask;
A journey of self discovery that not all can see,
penetrating the many veils of mystery;

Perfected in stone – are principles we all agree; kindness,
truth, charity, these three we promote without dispute;
But should our practice of principles be more resolute?

Listen to that inner voice – it can say ambition is fine,
but be careful not loose sight of that perfect stone;
lest you fall pray to the ego… and spiritual decline.

A. Mason
Province of Norfolk
By victor
The Masons that I have met in life, have been decent men, with a good Moral foundation.

So it has always surprised me that they were not more open, either about the Craft, or even their Charitable Activities.

Quite a few of them were surprised that most of non Masons, were curious, but not hostile.
After all it is not a Secret Society, and if you were minded, you could look up the Members of a Lodge. The Buildings are there for all to see.

I think the charge that I have heard most being Leveled at Masonry, is that they give preferance to Fellow Craft. But I have yet to find any substance to that claim...

Yours Sincerley.

I enjoyed "The Secrets of Masonry".
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