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What Masonry means to people

Their thoughts on the Meaning of Masonry

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Turning The Hiram Key

Find out what Masonry means to Robert by reading his latest book, Turning The Hiram Key.

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By Nate
I have just recently been voted into a local freemasonry lodge, I will start my degree work this fall. I have always been fascinated by freemasonry and the history behind it. After being voted into a lodge I started reading some of your books to better prepare myself for my up coming life as a freemason. As I have read your books I have become more and more interested and excited to become a freemason. I think the work you have done has shown a positive light on freemasonry and has also helped in the search for the lost secrets of freemasonry.
I look forward to reading more of your works on freemasonry.
By saz denny
My father's been a Freemason for many years & I believe his jouorney into Freemasonary has rubbed off on me to become the personIi wanted to be, by constantly challenging myself & my integrity. I know I'll probably never be financially stable enough - or intellectually clever enough to recite even a 1st ritual or to join, but the general feeling I've got from various family Freemasonary members has always been deep, thoughtfull & positive, and it's given me a good sense of giving to charity too. Even in my days when I was living on the streets I felt obliged to give any spare cash to other beggers or people i met who were in dire straits - often on a daily basis. So whilst I may never wear a pinny of my own, I feel I have still gained a wealthy loot from Freemasonary, and there might be a bit of dark humour in there somewhere(I believe this is the enrollment fee or something - or so the conspiricys go) but I've certainly gained nothing but positivity from it & thats just 2nd hand!!
By myname
I think it's created for many purposes :
1- is to offer help to jewish organizations to
help Torate's sons to create the state of the God in the middle east because of the limitation of their number and their tools they need more people blind and deaf they believe in everything they told.
2- to build new moral and social order which deny the role of religions.
3- to transform new generations into material creatures.
By Artemisia
I remember many years ago, as a child and as a young woman, relatives commenting that so-and-so was a Mason. The comments were made in a tone suggesting that Masons and masonry was something at best silly and at worst bad, something to be avoided.Yet when I asked them why, I was told in hushed tones that it was something we should not talk about. I have heard comments like this from time to time and for a long time I never understood why. I believe I understand now...

3 years ago, I gained a History/Art History degree and during the final year I became interested in architecture. This eventually led to my studying philosophy, the meaning of life etc for my own interests. I have looked into many orthodox and pagan religions, trying to find out why buildings were built, who was the first architect/builder, why some buildings have a 'soul' or 'presence' amd why others do not among other things. My research journey brought a man into my life who gave me a different avenue of reasearch and eventually became my partner. He turned out to be a Master Mason who had been in the Craft for 25 years. His grandfather had been a Mason too.

I rarely question my partner about the Craft, preferring to do my own research. However, he has told me that he believes the Craft is dying out and that some Lodges have problems recruiting Apprentices, mainly he thinks partly because of out 24 hour one has time to attend. I believe it would be a crying shame if this ancient tradition were to fall by the wayside like so many of our tradtions have but at the same time, I do not believe Masonry should become too 'open', after all, 'secrecy' is what it was all about right back to its birth thousands of years ago. I believe that those who scoff or shun the Craft do so purely out of ignorance...they neither know or wish to know anything of its fascinating and important origins, without which, this country and others would be without much of its architectural heritage.

If it were possible, I would dearly love to be witness to Masonic ceremony. However, I shall continue to be fascinated by my studies. Who knows where they will one day take me?


By George L. Salis, B.Sc. LLB (Hons), MA, LLM, PhD
Dear Dr. Lomas:

For some years I have read and enjoyed your interesting books and novel interpretations of Masonic History. I was raised a Master Mason, in a Regular Lodge, and became active in both the York Rite and The Scotish Rite, SJ, USA. I was invested with the KCCH, and recently, elected to the degree of 33o AASR, of the SJ. I am also an international lawyer and economist by training and profession.

More importantly, I am a 7th generation Freemason going back to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Cuba and now, the US. Freemasonry for me is a Code of Honour. A living philosophy that inspires me to live a better life and contribute more to the Ancient Fraternity of Man and Humanity as whole. Freemasonry is about the "Ascent of Man". It is about self- improvement, dignity, honour, loyalty, and honouring the GAOTU.

For me personally, Freemasonry is a Symbol of Excellence, it is a Badge of Honour, and privilege to be in the company of great men around me, around the world, and those throughout history and civilisation who praised us with their commitment and Brotherhood. The meaning and interpretation of the Mysteries of Freemasonry as found in the Rituals, is only for the Initiate, and for those who take the time to study them, and comprehend them. It is not meant for the "Profane". It is not exclusively in the words of the rituals, but in the intricasies of the Teachings and the Allegories, that the hidden meanings and true significance is found. Although many may attempt to understand their meaning, few can comprehend and grasp the applications. The Ritualism is only a method of preserving the Craft, its institutions, and our traditions. The real Alchemy occurs in the transformation of the Man, the Self, and the Transfiguration of the from the "Rough to the Finished" to now the Polished Ashlar. It is Keystone in one Man's life, hence, uniting the Physical with Meta- Physical accordingly.

I am of the opinion that come what may, the Craft shoudl remain a closed society, open only the selected few who are genuinely interested in the Ancient Wisdom it has to offer those who partake of them. As you well know, there is a great difference between "Secrets and Mysteries". Although some so- called "secrets" may be now out in the open, the true Mysteries still remain hidden from the Profane Eye. When I was made a Master Mason, it was a great achievement for me personally, and a great moment in my life, and for those in my family and ancestry who held this honourable tradition as highly significant, and regarded the Craft in deep reverence. As the echoes of Masters Past still ring: "The Word that Reveals, most often truly Conceals". Thus, methinks, our "Secrets" remain safe, our Traditions True Blue, and our Ancient Mysteries alive and well- guarded. Today, most people are interested only in the sensationalism of "Hollywood" conspiracies, and Secret Societies, etc. They are not concerned with the true Teachings and Wisdom of this Anceint Craft. We have nothing to worry about, except the ignorance of the many and the prying eyes of the few. In our modern world today, the real Tyler guarding the Pillars of the Temple is the ignorance of the masses, and the inhumanity of Mankind.

Thank You
George L. Salis
By Wolfhealer
I have many friends who are Freemasons, both socially and at work, who have had a wonderful influence on my life and carreer. I hope someday to become one,
By uranusjoe
I never had much interest in Freemasonry until I discovered the books written by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas. Now it has become the most important topic I can study.

I was raised in a Roman Catholic family and had 12 years of education in Catholic schools. While I no longer consider myself a member of the Church I've still maintained a close relationship with the life and teachings of Jesus. Studying Freemasonry has opened my eyes to the efforts of the Church to keep people in the dark. I believe that many more people would openly embrace Jesus if they understood more about his life, and this would bring more people in line with the positive morality practiced by Masons.

The books about the Hiram Key have helped me understand the Bible more than I ever thought possible. Books like "Uriel's Machine" have helped reveal documents left out of official Church canon that helped turn the Bible into a valuable source of history.

Now is the time to open our eyes to our true hidden history. Because Freemasonry has held onto these secrets, and because many of the people trying to reveal our history are Masons, I'm convinced that the morality at the basis of this organization is more than just boilerplate. Masons like Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas are serving humanity.
By Nicholas Cooke
I have been a mason for only 18 months, however in that time I have come to truly enjoy the beauty and philosophy of masonic ritual. My lodge is a stickler for getting ritual word perfect, I however believe that it is the delivery that makes the ritual great. That being said centuries of editing has made what we have today a thing of classic liturature, that does not need to be rewritten.

I am joining the Royal Arch in the next few months they tell me that these guys know how to do ritual, I hope so .

Yours Fraternally
Bro. Nick Cooke
Lodge Sir Joseph Banks 300
By Fred
My only gripe with 'The Brotherhood' is the fact that all of humanity is 'The Brotherhood' and the ritual affirmations and archetypal programming of masonic method should be available to all. I've been studying Freemasonry, Sacred Geometry, Mathematics and Life, Nature et al. over the last few years, and this religion seems to have a grip of how to live in a civilised & decent way, but ONLY to fellow masons; this is what cheeses me off the most about them.

Celestial understanding? Great!
NLP with ancient affirmations? Great!
Registered Charity (avoiding lots of taxes)? thanks.

Also, I've been studying the effect of Dan Brown's 'Da Vinci Code' on the populace of the UK. Excellent, inasmuch that you mention Fibonacci in a 'vox pops' and most people will now know about this incredible series. Forget the controversy in truth vs. non-truth, I'm interested in ideas and thought-forms. Truth can leak out of the most unexpected places.

I believe Dan Brown's new novel 'The Solomon Key' will weave together a ripping yarn with some interesting 'facts' so that millions of people will start understanding Freemasonry, regardless of the 'fors' and 'againsts'. From the USA as Masonic Republic to the importance of Masonic understanding of Geometry in designing cityscapes, the can of worms will surely be opened (with a golden can-opener?!) for all to peruse. And that surely can't be a bad thing, although the media will have a field day. I just wonder why the release date has been postponed by almost a year...

Until Freemasonry goes fully green; carbon-neutral, and starts installing PV panels on top of lodges, promotes cycling to meetings (!), until it turns the Statue of Liberty into a pregnant mother-to-be with a Sun in her right hand and a Moon nestled in her other, I'll keep on using my own mishmash of understandings to weave my own mythology, and quietly await the day when I'm invited to join the freemasonry of Humanity and pure, unadulterated living Creation.
By Fred
My father is a Mason and his grandfather was a Mason. I always knew there was something special about this organization. My mother was a member of the Eastern Star. I even joined; but have not been an active member. I was always aware that these organizations had "secret" rituals. The few that I was exposed to as an Eastern Star member were strange and made little sense to me. After reading the Hiram Key and the Second Messiah and now another of your books, I am awed by the information and wealth of history and tradition that now begins to makes sense. Though I am not a Mason (being female, and it is rare that one gets into that level), I have been raised by one. The intrinsic values instilled in me as a youngster made even more sense after reading your books. My brain immediately made connections with the materials you have researched as well as a resonance in my soul. There is a realm way bigger than any of us; and the ancient civilizations knew that. I can't help but think that many of us are distantly related somehow to those older orders; and my! how things have gotten lost, filtered and changed through the generations! I just know in my gut that you guys are on the right track and the clues you have attained along the way are on the right path. Call it intuition; but it just rings so true. And isn't that what it's about?....seeking the Truth. There comes a point when the inner essence of our being just 'knows' what is the Truth. Our society has found ways of eluding that truth.
My sincere hope is that you continue on your researching journey, and that others make use of it and grow as a result. Thank you for your tireless efforts! I have enjoyed the fruits of your labors. At each point in your books, I wonder to myself about the next step....and in the next paragraph, you are "on it". Your reasoning and hypotheses are so logical & easy to follow. I think your works should be more widely available. Those who choose to read it will be able to. Those who have no interest will never pursue it.
Keep up the great work!
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