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What Masonry means to people

Their thoughts on the Meaning of Masonry

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Turning The Hiram Key

Find out what Masonry means to Robert by reading his latest book, Turning The Hiram Key.

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By chad
I have been a Mason for three years. I belong to a small struggling Logde in Southern Illinois,U.S.A. I hold Masonary dear to my heart. When you look at the rituals that we all perform an outsider would think we are crazy. But when you dig deep into the lectures and pay attention to details of the meanings, it truly makes sense. I truly beleive if wasn't for Free Masons there would not be an United States. Our Forefathers took the lessons and the Morality taught in our lectures and applied them to the building of our Constitution. If every person on earth would live by the level and respect each others differences we would not have the problems we have in the world today. Since becoming a Mason I have learned to better respect those practicing a different faith and accept the person and not judge them on their faith. There are many Christians and Muslims alike who can not accept this. Since reading the Hiram Key I have a better understanding of what we are here to do. Many of the ideas in this book is what I have beleived for a while. Organized religion is corrupt and requires fear among their followers to keep them in the church. Jesus was not like this. He was a simple man and did not like what was being taught to his people, so he changed it. Being a Mason, regardless of your beleifs, you have to keep three ideas alive: respect others based on their person not their beleifs, respect one beleifs, and be true to ones faith.
By Andy Taylor
I believe that with all secret societies (soceties with secrets) the secrets permeate the whole structure. Those that support Freemasonary have no idea what they are supporting. Secrets are witheld until they reach this or that degree, then there's more. So how can a master mason say he supports free masonary, there are another 30 degrees at least, probably more, it is probably never ending so he has no idea whaat he supports.

It boils down to the ancient and death inducing idea of gnoticism, I am better than you because I know more but there is always something ahead. Jebulom, Baphomet, angels of light, Lucifer and on and on. Wow what a dead end. Why get into something and you don't know the end, it may be something that is totally against you beliefs and you are sucked down a drain into complete despair.
By Jason Dorey
If you are a Mason, what does Masonic ritual mean to you?

I have been a mason since 2000. I belong to Charity lodge #69 in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia Canada. My lodge, which is a very very beautiful lodge indeed, sits across from the town playground.

As a youngster I asked my Grand mother what the buioding was and what masonry was. She hadn't the answers. In fact she told me the peopel who go there wore garbage bags and hit each others with sticks. As a 6 year old it made perfect sense to me. She didnt' ahve any answers. she told me they they were a strange lot and kept to themselves.

Well my 22nd year saw me going to my interview for the lodge. I was happy that we didnt' wear garbage bags was very happy that they only hit you once in the third degree. my 22nd year saw a lto of changes in my life. Everything for the positive. I listened o the worshipful master, Wor. brother George Walker, who was the best Master I have ever served with.

Since then Using the teachings of our craft I have becoem a better person. And why is that?
Well first, it has solidified my faith in religion. And the teachigs of makeing a good man into a better man are always in the back of my mind. NOt only has it helped me with my faith, it has helped mebeing a better friend, a better husband to be, a better employee and a better person.

By Richard Lamey
After reading the Hiram Key I was convinced that I wanted to be a Freemason after many years of doubt about the sincerity and seriousness of the instiution and people associated with it.
My only concerns now are how to preserve it and it's history.
My interview is tomorrow!!
RL (&CK)
I have just completed the reading of "The Hiram Key". When it first arrived, my wife "confiscated" it and did a "Lysistrata" on me until she had finished reading it. It is something of a compliment to your book that she found that book which was recently involved in the controversy on plagiarism "..lacking in depth.." when compared with "The Key". (We both having read HBHG many years ago).

For my part, I am excited by "The Key". I find it to be an outstanding literary work, supported by painstakingly thorough research and with a well structured presentation. My "excitement" is somewhat due to the fact that your motivation for doing the research and writing the book was prompted by many of the "questions" and the inquisitiveness I had on the origins and substance of Freemasonry, when I first joined the Order over 20 years ago.

For example in the "Fifteen Fellowcrafts" of the 3rd Degree Ceremony, one of the well-known Rituals omits the possessive adjective "their" in ".. as symbols of their innocence". The omission of this word prompted me to speculate on the mind-set of King Solomon at the time of the funeral. Whose INNOCENCE was he symbolising? This led me to research and (desk-top) publish a 22-page booklet on the six possibilities which may have prompted/motivated the King's directive. A copy of this booklet is available free to any Freemason who is interested enough to request it from me through my e-mail protocol.

I still have "questions" on Freemasonry. (Many less, now that I have read "The Hiram Key". Thank you very much, Authors!). For example "Why is the "East" in the East, when we know that the entrance to the Temple was in the East?". And "Why is the Bible so silent on Hiram Abiff after such a (famous) person was the victim of this heinous crime?". I am still reading on these and other questions!!

I shall presently purchase a HC version of "The Key" which I shall arrange to send to you immediaately thereafter. I shall be very honoured if you and Mr. Knight would be gracious enough to sign it for me and my family in posterity. Thank you both again. I am filled with admiration for you both.

By Del
I have now been an active Freemason for approx three years in which time i have gradually progressed through office and hope in the future to become Master of my mother lodge. In my time as a freemason so far i have participated in degree work which i thoroughly enjoy and in doing so it has helped me to grow in confidence as a person where i now have the confidence to speak at open forums wheras in the past i would have sat very quietly. If the question must be asked of me if i believe Freemasonry should be secret i would say YES. The reason i give is very adds to the excitement and mystery behind the craft and i look back with great fondness of my time advancing the degrees and wondering what was going to happen next. Masonic ritual means to me lessons on how to become a better person and i believe anything which promotes this has to be congradulated and not condemned. When i was made a mason i felt very proud as i observed around me the calibre of people already in the craft from ordinary working men to people with Law Degrees, Doctors, high ranking police officers and all these people are my equal. Freemasonry as far as i am concerned has helped me become more tolerant and defineteley become a better person and joining the craft i regard as one of the best things i have done in my life so far!!
By Benefactor
Should Freemasonry be secret, or should we be more open about it?

As with all Esoteric or Initiatic Orders, the teachings themselves are usually referred to as being 'private' i.e. for the benefit of the interested member rather than for public consumption. For example, if some of these teachings included tried and tested techniques for developing dormant and little known faculties within, it would be prudent to keep such esoteric knowledge private.

As the individual advances through the degrees, changes will take place gradually within and certain abilities may manifest themselves. An understanding of the inner nature of the individual will take place and a greater attunement with this inner aspect will be made possible.

What is revealed and what transpires in the life of the initiate from this time on is unique to the individual, although some elements are common to all true initiates. These are the development of a higher moral and ethical sense and a greater awareness of the unity of all life. This is accompanied by a stronger sense of purpose and a clearer vision of the goal ahead.

So if any aspect of all this could be termed 'secret', it is the initiatic experience itself, where the individual begins to expand his consciousness to encompass this higher awareness gained through his own efforts.

It is certainly uncommon knowledge in the vast majority of people but humanity as a whole is evolving to an understanding of it, helped in that process by the initiates themselves.

By Andrew Mercieca
I fisrt learnt of Masonry as a boy of around 7. My neighbour was a Mason and had asked my father if he was interested. He rejected the offer as he thought it was just a "dining club". Always inquisitive, I asked what he meant. Well, your descriptions are the same. He then showed me a book, I think it was called "Brothers In Blood" which was about the Knights Templar. I read it within a week. Since that time, I had been certain that their had to be more to Masonry as we know it today than we are led to believe. The books you have written with Christopher Knight argue the case very clearly. Whilst some may say Masonry has had its day, like Christianity, it still serves a purpose. It may not be the original purpose, that is being taken care of. I found your links to various Royal personages most interesting, as I know that I am descended from several of those of whom you have written. It gives one pause for thought. I am not a believer in any "faith", I believe in truth. As such, I look forward to obtaining a copy of your latest so I can learn how these revelations have effected your truth.
By ally
morning professor,

its me ally from the university of bradford one of your students,

let me first tell you how much i enjoyed your book of hiram, it was absoloutley breathtaking,just like the previous book,
i also enjoyed the way how you tackled the Megalithic Yard that was absoloutley amazing and i also constructed my own however not accurately,
i would also like to say that the bbc 1 interview with martin was also great,

i would just ask you that are you writing anymore books regarding freemasonary or even astronomy, because i find your findings/conclusions simply both amazing and wonderfull, which are fruitfull with infomation and also supported with evidence,

By Federico Saporiti
1.This is an opinon located in the Latinamerican context: Freemasonry should be more secret than ever before but,at the same time, more sensitive in socal terms. It is imperatve to rescue and explore all the rich symbolism we, the Freemasons, do have and to express it in many ways as possible keeping an intelligent secrecy.
2. The Ritual is a set of procedures with a rich and extensve esoteric meanings which, nowadays, the Lodges have not the commitment to practice with the approprate viewpoint and the adequate esoteric understanding. It is the time for the Freemasonry to reinforce the organization and functionning of Masonic Schoools for our Initiates and all our BB:.. It is the time to challenge to all our BB:. the understanding of our Rituals.
3. Twenty years ago I received the Masonic Light... That day I discover that I always wanted to be a Freemason. That I was born to be a Freemason. We have to strongly work, on a daily basis, to strengthen our Order through strenthening ourselves. It is extremely important to expand the masonic view of truth builders for each individual.
4.The Ritual is for me a challenge: to understand it, to improve it and, of course, to realize t. I think many times the possibility, for instance, to add to the Scotttish Rite some esoteric aspects of the Solar latinamerican cultures. Freemasonry belongs to some other and different cultures than the european. I would like to include some concepts related to our ancient civilizations and some of their key religious traditions.
5. Not alt all, it is necessary to write and to share the opinions of the Freemasons about the Rituals. The richness of our Ritualistic traditions could be magnify by the discussions about our ceremonies, symbolism and philosophies.
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