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What Masonry means to people

Their thoughts on the Meaning of Masonry

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Turning The Hiram Key

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By Richard George
Should Freemasonry be more open?
Should the ritual be more freely available?
Given that anyone can walk into a bookshop in Great Queen's Street and buy a copy of the ritual, I don't see how it can be - and so what? Reading it is not the same as *experiencing* it

I've been a Freemason for just over 20 years and it's the best thing I've ever done. I don't hide the fact that I'm a member and anyone who wants to can speak to me and ask me questions. I will answer to the best of my ability and with candor - BUT - I will not divulge the 'secrets'; not because they are secret - you can find out what they are from any decent library if you really want to - but because I've given my word not to. If you cannot keep your word re: something that's really quite inconsequential, what does that say about you? Trustworthy? mmm. I think not.
At the end of the day, Freemasonry is about how you look at yourself in relation to the rest of the world.

What role has it played in my life? I think I've answered that one. You only get out what you put in. - But put in a little and you'll get much more out. I'm a PM, PZ, PM/PCdr (Mark/RAM), PP (KT), PS (Rose Croix) and now hold office in most of the orders I'm a member of. And loved every minute.

Can you look yourself in the mirror at the end of the day and say "I did my best"?
I can't - yet - but Masonry teaches me to keep trying.

"Striving for the Mystical Mountain of Perfection".
By Paul
Should Freemasonry be secret, or should we be more open about it?

More open, as it took me a year to find someone to talk to me about becoming a mason.

What does Masonic ritual mean to you? It has meant the world to me. I have learned many things about not only myself, but the world around me.

How do you feel when you were made a Mason? The best day of my life.

And what role has Masonic ritual played in your life since? It has made me stop and analyize all my decisions more carefully and had helped me to be a better person.

By xiriuz
I personally think Dr Lomas does a wonderful job in portraying the beneficial side of Freemasonic influence. Of all people, I'm interested in becoming a real Freemason myself thanks to a lot of good, true and supporting advice which has come from numerous men who have all been initiated in to the brotherhood. Few family members happen to be hardened conspiracy theorist and tend to despise masons with a passion. Having had a look through all the negative websites such as and a lot of the videos on youtube, bands such as killing joke who are supposed to be christian, do tend to share a common outside philosophy which is by no doubt based on misguided information through other individuals. Trouble for me and most of those folks is, most of their work is taken from good freemasons and then re-packaged and sold on as something else. I find more honesty from an ordinary Freemason than I do from any famous band member (except Tim Booth from James since he worked with Brian Eno who produced U2's best albums and speculatively a mason himself). My point is, there are so many sad individuals or groups out there who work relentlessly or not very much at all in giving Freemasons a bad reputation. The feeling which comes from most of this so called "free knowledge" is most unclean, let me sum this up in another way, maybe this can be considered as the divine spirit of Freemasonry in all of us which few listen too... All the conspiracy theorist energy is completely dead and should no longer exist. There seems to be a constant fear of what all others are doing, Personal, Social, Political and Governmental. They think nobody listens to them and others should have too despite all denials. I'd like to stress, Dr Lomas has been a magnificent source of support personally for me. Always been gifted in a way of never telling lies to myself or anyone else, the most appealing aspect of masonry for me would be, it has nothing to do with anything, religion politics or otherwise, all comprised of centuries old wisdom, gods truth and touched my soul in the most unexplainable way. I'm Scottish by nationality, live in Fife and if he were to be giving a lecture somewhere, I'd be one of the first to get a ticket even although I'm just 22 years old. Suppose another Grand teaching or truth of Freemasonry could be, don't have to be old to be smart, as I once said to someone for questioning my honesty on a certain subject- "Doesn't take 22 years to walk around the Beverage park pond twice" and thrice to make sure, I do view everyone on an equal footing to myself, I aint no biggot nor gluten for parody. All I want is to become a Mason, why is that such a crime in everyones eyes?
By Suze
My husband and I are both Franc-Maçon/Franc-Maconne, GLDF and GLFF; we found and find a force in the Franc-Maçonnerie, which helps us in our daily functioning, we found peace in ourselves and we try to share it!The rituel helps to recharge the battery, to go on the journey once started.It is great to find ourselves together with man, women of all religions, all convictions!
I regret that , in France , you have to be discrète, there is a wide s pread anti-maçonnique sentiment, based on ignorance or false information!
Here, women can also be a Franc-Maçonne, the same rituels as our brothers! I am proud and happy to be a Maçonne, and I try to be it for the full 100% in my daily life;
The most important thing is not to say you are, but:to live it to be it!!
I think that it is impotant that our lodges will give more information, to make disappear those wild ideas about Franc-Maçonnerie, but I also am convinced that the rituals have to remain secret to work!
By Rolf Söderback
· Should Freemasonry be secret, or should we be more open about it?
· Is a member of your family a Freemason, and how do you feel about that?
· If you are a Mason, what does Masonic ritual mean to you?
· How did you feel when you were made a Mason?
· And what role has Masonic ritual played in your life since?
· Do you feel it is something which can not, or perhaps should not, be put into words?
· Do you think Freemasonry benefits society?
1. Freemasonry should not be secret to the general society. We can gladly let other people know that we exist, what we do to help those in need without bragging about it, but the rituals must be kept secret in order to convey the best result and experience in the candidate in every degree.
2. I am a Mason myself and my family think its great for me.
3. Every ritual from the beginning, starting with the first degree, has given a new aspect to my life, a new way of looking at myself, learning about myself in order to understand others better.
4. I was exalted and at first I felt frustrated because there was no one on the outside I could share my experience with, not even my wife. But with new degrees coming I have managed to make good use of my fellow brethren to compare and exchange experiences with.
5. Masonic rituals and ceremonies have taught me a lot by penetrating them and trying to find the answers to “The Masonic questions” you mention in your text above. I think I have become more tolerant and tolerable, because I try to think more of my neighbour. I think the word I am looking for is unselfish.
6. The only things we cannot expose to those who are not members are our rituals, because they have a very psychological and pedagogical task thanks to the ways they are constructed and meant to give the candidate a “good nudge”.
7. Absolutely! As long as our members really care to adopt Masonic principles and ideas and use them as proper guiding stars, society is bound to profit or benefit from every single Mason who wants to become a good Christian, Jew, Muslim or Hindu. Freemasonry, I have learnt from you, has a good potential of making peace between all religions in the world. Turning the Hiram Key should be translated into every language in the world.
By Seeker
I am a mason and have been for over 20 years. I can never find the words to fully explain to those who are not and in some cases "hostile" to masonry...often with no basis other than anecdotal information or none at all.

With regard to the ritual. I am still surprised after all these years that there are many long standing masons who have little or no understanding of what the ritual is all about. I only wish there was a source book of some kind which explained the real meanings of our ceremonies. This would be especially useful for the more junior memebers. Yes, I know there are the little booklets, but, I feel they don't really do enough. Having said that, many who join masonry give little thought to the ceremonies they have experienced and have no further real interest in them. If they undertake an office, ritual is learned by rote with no other thought than simply saying the words!

Please keep up the research I do find it very interesting.

As for me. I enjoy my masonry greatly. Historical and investigative research I find very interesting. I know that masonry has improved my thinking, made me a better person and teacher and made me think more about the spiritual side.
By komputer mensch

I was exposed to some very discouraging words/thoughts/deeds when i was younger
regarding 'Freemasonry'; i think many people were, and sometimes still are via the media
and such; -the people i was exposed to were obsessed that 'Freemason's' were a
secret "world controlling - spider alien(blue or other colour) - life is a virtual
reality - human sacrifice - baby eating" cult, and reacted thusly. I have been
exposed to people who use 'Freemasonry' as a depository for every cult theory out there,
from an "alien" ghost invasions to an arbitrary world economy designed for controlled
division/unity games of mind/deeds(also related to an "alien" ghost invasion). I can
quite clearly see the effect 'Freemasonry' has had on several governments and world
society/economy, i can read and see these influences, 'Freemasonry' does not seem so
secret to me really(though i was told about it and there-fore the obviousness may-be
suggested). Nor does 'Freemasonry' scare me(with help i think from reading books
on 'Freemasonry' by masons and non-masons alike). If 'Freemasonry' as a whole is an
institution for control and pathology of human affairs(as spoken by others) then by crikey
where is human moral willpower in that? Taken away by 'spiritual/physical' means?
If 'Freemasonry' has any syles of influence on public life then by crikey there should be
no exclusion to the public regarding 'Freemasonry' and the mechanisations of that
influence/relevance to the public life("alien" spirit/ghost's take over or not).

I respect that there are aspects of 'Freemasonry' that are "secret", i place this in the
cateogry of 'relevance', just as every organisation has it's own expressed code of conduct
and such.
The question is that beyond the handshakes, play acts and other rituals, is there an
aspect of "Freemasonry" on the whole that is pathological to human affairs and life in
general on a day to day real level, not some airy rumoured "philosophical/ Hegelistic/
dialectical/ blue cone-headed spider-serpent alien nu-man(and V.R./ghosts of such)/Jinn-ghosts(exo-terran or non E.T.)) controlling human hosts/ life is virtual reality(on or off asteroidal space-ship/ blue cloak with gold planets and stars printed on it/ Lucifer Vs Adonai" regards.

I seem to have questions about all that's listed above; and is it/it is pathological to
my/others personal well being in that a quite considerable chunk of my mind is filled with
those designs -as much as i can sometimes dis-credit it for being distracting conspiracy,
yet really my day to day logical mind does not have a clear and present danger signal for
it, or, i am intimidated to the effect that i am "brainwashed" to not think it does, so is
what i write relevant or true in any sense that matters to other's or even myself.

Being myself an apparent "non-mason" or "fellow traveller"; to me 'Freemasonry' largely
and hopefully is a good organisation for sharing knowledge and uniting humanity via what
is shared in the various world's religious denominations and other cultural(CULTural)
regards. If 'Freemasonry' is a method for/adminiustration of "Alien"-ghost(Jinn), dragon,
arachnid or olephoidal takeover/invasion of human kind, then let us deal with that good
naturedly/whole heartedly/with great openness.

Personally i have always wondered about the lack of a space or hyphen between the 'free'
and 'mason', surely 'Free-mason' or 'Free Mason' is more proper(am i either wrong or right
on that?). And is the 'free' in "Freemason" from 'free-stone' or is it from 'free' in

Kind regards,

By Tallgrass
Wow. First off, there are a lot of great submissions on this site and I'm very impressed at the views that the Brothers from all around the world share.

I am a relatively young M.M., at 24. Nobody in my family except my grandfather was a Freemason. When I was in high school, I was really big into the history of Christianity and Satanism. While researching these topics, obviously Masonry came up a lot. That became my new fetish, and it still remains as strong today as it did then, maybe more so. It became a sort of calling that I found myself attracted to, and I wanted more ...light, so to speak. Eventually being raised, I found that this was something that I could live by, something that I wanted to live by, and hopefully it would reach the people I cared about.

We are a society with secrets, but those ideals that we hold close to our hearts should remain there, not outside in the rest of society. They are ours, and they are what helps us stand apart from the lies that are told about us. The problem though, I feel, is that the Craft has become too... easy to gain admission. Not to speak to horribly about a fellow Brother, but I kind of have to to make my point. Brother A.B. was raised and ecstatic. For a while. Soon, he started drinking heavily again. He started cheating on his fiance. He had essentially ignored the teachings of Masonry and was wearing the Square & Compasses as an emblem of Pride. Even though these things aren't specifically mentioned as being a bad thing, it seems to me that if you're a Mason, be a true and honest Mason. Don't lie to yourself and the Craft to gain something that you cannot hold. I guess what I'm trying to say is that what one holds dear is something that we should all hold dear. Not something that can be broadcast to the world, or thrown in the backseat of your car because it's inconvenient to you at the time. Freemasonry and its history are both extremely important things in my life. And they, as I feel, should be so in every Mason's as well. The fact that we are letting in anyone who knocks is an attack against our stronghold, and we have to find a way to stop it.

I know this doesn't really fit in with the other thoughts, but this seemed like a good place to share. Those who have posted already seem to have like thoughts, though not really expressed here.
By faraonte
Exellent work Mr. Lomas,

The truth will set us free, I discovered my great great grandfathers hidden work in my uncle library, Pedro Figari Uruguayan freemason 33, he is a recognised paintor in these days but not still as a philosopher, he wrote Kiria´s History utopia published 1930 in Paris, in Kiria hapiness is easy, an ancient society island lost in time, with an opposite view of Francisc Bacon´s New Atlantis, the same as you, he belived freemason knowledge is sacred but should be a gift for all human kind, I´m looking forward to promote and translate this book, I will send you a copy when done, keep doing this great job!!

Francisco Saavedra
By Manson48
I am not a Freemason, although I would consider membership if an atheist were allowed to join. I've conducted a fair amount of research into the organization, and have several working ideas as to the actual origin and purpose of such. As with any institution, the motives or purposes are naturally varied, collective and/or personal, and subject to change with time. I believe many masons are unsure, unclear and/or unaware of all the past and present purposes, the institution has served, and/or will serve.

I've found that much of the available information on freemasonry is deceptive, and this includes much of that which the Freemasons publish. It's easy to see that many mason's are as blind sighted by this disinformation, as are the non masons. The simple fact being that any person who sincerely studies history and the arts, as freemasonry demands of its recruits, could, at best, remain a deist with a leaning toward atheism. This being an appropriate description of the founding fathers of our country, that are well known to have been Freemasons.

In this regard, especially during the enlightenment period, the institution served a very useful purpose, as a safe place for these deists to gather, at a time when the Catholic church was actively prosecuting for the crime of heresy. Of course, these Freemasons were also quick to point their blasphemous fingers at the Illuminati, when the stakes got a little too hot for secret societies. But hey, at least we got free speech, and separation of church and state after this illumination. JM

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