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What Masonry means to people

Their thoughts on the Meaning of Masonry

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Turning The Hiram Key

Find out what Masonry means to Robert by reading his latest book, Turning The Hiram Key.

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By Michael G.
Should Freemasonry be secret, or should we be more open about it? Obviously, all of the official secrets of Freemasonry are already fairly readily available to the general public, even if it may take them a little bit of research to find them. None the less, I feel that we should maintain the veil of secrecy surrounding the working of our ritual (all be it that it is now a merely symbolic veil) precisely because the secrecy is a part of the symbolic structure of our working. Take it away and I think that you run the risk of losing a crucial part of the psychological impact of the ritual. I feel that freemasonry can act on the deepest depths of the psyche (in a kind of Jungian/Alchemical way), but that transforming it into some kind of public spectacle would basically sever the rope that brings the water back from the depth of the well.

What does Masonic ritual mean to you? Partially, I see it as a symbolic blueprint for the full development of the psyche (Jungian individuation?). But, I also see it as something with a mysterious ability to actually quicken the process and, in a suitable candidate, make them aware of some very subtle aspects of the human psyche.

And what role has Masonic ritual played in your life? That remains to be seen, but so far it seems have provided a focus to bring together several disparate threads in my life and to pull them together into something more tangible. Having said that, it is very much a work in progress rather than a completed process. I can say that there are signs of a very far reaching and mysterious influence on my life as a whole, but see my next thoughts:

Do you feel it is something which can not, or perhaps should not, be put into words? Yes.
By Drou
I became a Mason in South Africa (I was a reluctant sceptic then) about 20 years ago. My Lodge is registered under the Grand Lodge of Scotland. I have found that the Masonic fraternity are the finest group of people that I have had the honor to join. Although I still find the constant ritual very tiresome and the laws very prescriptive and restricting, Masonry is never the less, to me one of the finest institutions created by man.
I always remind people that Freemasonry is NOT a secret society just a society of secrets, it is not a practice of the black arts nor has it some sinister agenda, it is a fine institution and should be growing not dying.

By Ahmed Kearny
I have a generally positive view of the Masons. From what I understand, they have contributed to the enlightenment and betterment of humanity since their inception. I know the Catholic Church and some Protestants and Muslims are against them as some Satanic group but the objections I've noted from them come from people who've admittidly had no contact with Masons whatsoever. People fear what they don't understand. I have had a great uncle whom I never met that was a Mason and I know several outside of my family. They're all good people and they put community service and God above all else. I really admire that about them.
By Toufic El Chaar
Dear Robert,

I am a Druze from Lebanon. My inquisitive nature and inclination to rsearch, read and learn started to unfold at an early age. I used to escort my grandfather (mother's side) to the "Majlis" (the Druze church) when I was 7 or 8 years old i.e. in the early sixties of the past century when television was yet to reach my village. On Thursday evenings (the Druze Sunday), my grandfather would open the door of the Majlis for all and any member of the Druze community in the village or the neighbourhood (males and females) to join in the learning sessions dedicated to the non-initiates. The "Learned" elder or "Sheikh" would first ensure that all are seated properly in a large circle on the carpeted floor with backs to the wall resting on hand-made cushions offered by the ladies of the village. The girls and ladies (in long sleeved shirts and long skirts covering their ankles) were in a seperate section of the same room with their faces concealed behind their white veils if already initiated otherwise must use a "Mendeel" (a long scarf) to cover their hair. The learned elder would recite a prayer asking all to repeat after him. Then some volunteers select some verses from a handwritten pocket-book and sing them out inviting others to join them in the singing. The verses normally praise the "Five Luminaries":
- The Universal Logos
- The Universal Spirit
- The Eternal Word
- The Right Wing (Predecessor)
- The Left Wing (Successor)

In the Druze faith the "Five Luminaries" are the masters of the universe and the original Grand Masters who educated the human race throughout the ages. That's why the Druzes hold in high esteem and in a semi-divine status certain great masters like: Hermes Trismegistos, Pythagoras, Plato, Aristotle, Heraclitus, Jesus Christ, Jethro, David, Solomon, Daniel, Buddha, Krishna and others... Peace be upon them all.

The learned elder or sometimes another person present at the Majlis would tell/read the story of those Luminaries during each incarnation as known from the sacred books and epistles written more than one thousand years ago. Such session for the non-initiates usually ends with moral/ethical guidance and behavioural direction. While the non-initiates
stand up and prepare to leave, the Initiates start to arrive for in-depth study and interpretation of the sacred manuscripts under the guidance and the facilitation of a recognized most-learned adept of unity (God, Man, Universe) "Muwahhid".

That practice of exclusion of the non-initiates from participation in the "deeper" gnostic session at the Majlis intensified my curiosity and thirst to learn more about the faith that according to tradition I had freely embraced in some previous life cycle. Plato taught us that "Knowledge is remembered". Hence, in our higher consciousness "KNOWLEDGE" is within us dorment till shaken to wake or preserved till triggered to outflow: "Know Thy Self".

Hitherto, I have been dedicating a significant time (yet not enough) of my life to study and research subjects like comparative religion, antiquities, philosophy, gnosticism, mythology, astrology in addition to the sacred manusripts (books and epistles) of the Druzes or "Muwahhidoun". Naturally, I couldn't avoid the urge to educate myself in the subjects of Hermeticism, Rosicrusianism, Templarism and indeed Freemasonry. Well, to my surprise and astonishment and especially after reading "The Heram Key", I came to the conclusion that there's a much stronger and tacit relationship or influence than already believed between the Druze Faith and all these four societies or "schools". As a result, I grew fond of the "genuine" Freemasonry and its noble teachings admiring particularly its historic and ancient role in sponsoring and defending "Free Thinkers" who produced every beautiful and useful contribution to peace, progress and prosperity for Man Kind.

One last note or rather a very special and personal wish: I believe it's time to work on a new book dedicated to the historic "brotherhood" and intellectual link between the Druze faith and the four schools mentioned above. The origins of the "genuine" Freemasonry may eventually be revealed!!

Praying that the Light of the Universal Logos brightens our paths in present and future lives;

I am brotherly yours,

Ray Dan HeavenPort
AKA Toufic (Tofeeque) El Chaar

By .........
My grandfather was a past master. He was my main father figure throughout my life and he hurt my heart. He was abusive to my mother. Even blacked her eye when she was in her fourties. My grandmother never became an Eastern Star.
My mother married a pedophile when I was 12. My grandparents lived in the county next to us in a house large enough for a large family to live comfortably. My grandparents didn't seem to care that I was being attacked. Nor did they care that he was beating my mother, constantly breaking her bones.
I ended up stabbing my step father when I was 15 and my grandfather, having been told for years what my step father was, told people that I did it just because I was jealous.
My grandfather is also a racist. He doesn't like blacks and from what I've HEARD Mormons believe being black is a curse.
I have other people who come forward and say that if the lodge had known he would have been rid of, but I find that hard to believe. He had his sweet moments, kind like a human being, but most of the time he made sure I was aware that he felt he was more than me. He even told me one night in a fit of anger that "Besides, I don't have to answer to you."
He didn't want much to do with me. When I was 16 I mentioned that there was a bee that doesn't sting, I was just trying to break the silence, and he basically called me a liar and walked away. He didn't care to speak to me decently at all. He nearly took me out because I was using HIS phone. Something at that age I hadn't had the most experience with because of the poverty.
But minus all the schizophrenic outbursts, he had moments where he came off to be a moral man.
I've wondered if ever I discovered some of their secrets would I expose them or not. I think I would.
By Nate
I have just recently been voted into a local freemasonry lodge, I will start my degree work this fall. I have always been fascinated by freemasonry and the history behind it. After being voted into a lodge I started reading some of your books to better prepare myself for my up coming life as a freemason. As I have read your books I have become more and more interested and excited to become a freemason. I think the work you have done has shown a positive light on freemasonry and has also helped in the search for the lost secrets of freemasonry.
I look forward to reading more of your works on freemasonry.
By saz denny
My father's been a Freemason for many years & I believe his jouorney into Freemasonary has rubbed off on me to become the personIi wanted to be, by constantly challenging myself & my integrity. I know I'll probably never be financially stable enough - or intellectually clever enough to recite even a 1st ritual or to join, but the general feeling I've got from various family Freemasonary members has always been deep, thoughtfull & positive, and it's given me a good sense of giving to charity too. Even in my days when I was living on the streets I felt obliged to give any spare cash to other beggers or people i met who were in dire straits - often on a daily basis. So whilst I may never wear a pinny of my own, I feel I have still gained a wealthy loot from Freemasonary, and there might be a bit of dark humour in there somewhere(I believe this is the enrollment fee or something - or so the conspiricys go) but I've certainly gained nothing but positivity from it & thats just 2nd hand!!
By myname
I think it's created for many purposes :
1- is to offer help to jewish organizations to
help Torate's sons to create the state of the God in the middle east because of the limitation of their number and their tools they need more people blind and deaf they believe in everything they told.
2- to build new moral and social order which deny the role of religions.
3- to transform new generations into material creatures.
By Artemisia
I remember many years ago, as a child and as a young woman, relatives commenting that so-and-so was a Mason. The comments were made in a tone suggesting that Masons and masonry was something at best silly and at worst bad, something to be avoided.Yet when I asked them why, I was told in hushed tones that it was something we should not talk about. I have heard comments like this from time to time and for a long time I never understood why. I believe I understand now...

3 years ago, I gained a History/Art History degree and during the final year I became interested in architecture. This eventually led to my studying philosophy, the meaning of life etc for my own interests. I have looked into many orthodox and pagan religions, trying to find out why buildings were built, who was the first architect/builder, why some buildings have a 'soul' or 'presence' amd why others do not among other things. My research journey brought a man into my life who gave me a different avenue of reasearch and eventually became my partner. He turned out to be a Master Mason who had been in the Craft for 25 years. His grandfather had been a Mason too.

I rarely question my partner about the Craft, preferring to do my own research. However, he has told me that he believes the Craft is dying out and that some Lodges have problems recruiting Apprentices, mainly he thinks partly because of out 24 hour one has time to attend. I believe it would be a crying shame if this ancient tradition were to fall by the wayside like so many of our tradtions have but at the same time, I do not believe Masonry should become too 'open', after all, 'secrecy' is what it was all about right back to its birth thousands of years ago. I believe that those who scoff or shun the Craft do so purely out of ignorance...they neither know or wish to know anything of its fascinating and important origins, without which, this country and others would be without much of its architectural heritage.

If it were possible, I would dearly love to be witness to Masonic ceremony. However, I shall continue to be fascinated by my studies. Who knows where they will one day take me?


By George L. Salis, B.Sc. LLB (Hons), MA, LLM, PhD
Dear Dr. Lomas:

For some years I have read and enjoyed your interesting books and novel interpretations of Masonic History. I was raised a Master Mason, in a Regular Lodge, and became active in both the York Rite and The Scotish Rite, SJ, USA. I was invested with the KCCH, and recently, elected to the degree of 33o AASR, of the SJ. I am also an international lawyer and economist by training and profession.

More importantly, I am a 7th generation Freemason going back to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Cuba and now, the US. Freemasonry for me is a Code of Honour. A living philosophy that inspires me to live a better life and contribute more to the Ancient Fraternity of Man and Humanity as whole. Freemasonry is about the "Ascent of Man". It is about self- improvement, dignity, honour, loyalty, and honouring the GAOTU.

For me personally, Freemasonry is a Symbol of Excellence, it is a Badge of Honour, and privilege to be in the company of great men around me, around the world, and those throughout history and civilisation who praised us with their commitment and Brotherhood. The meaning and interpretation of the Mysteries of Freemasonry as found in the Rituals, is only for the Initiate, and for those who take the time to study them, and comprehend them. It is not meant for the "Profane". It is not exclusively in the words of the rituals, but in the intricasies of the Teachings and the Allegories, that the hidden meanings and true significance is found. Although many may attempt to understand their meaning, few can comprehend and grasp the applications. The Ritualism is only a method of preserving the Craft, its institutions, and our traditions. The real Alchemy occurs in the transformation of the Man, the Self, and the Transfiguration of the from the "Rough to the Finished" to now the Polished Ashlar. It is Keystone in one Man's life, hence, uniting the Physical with Meta- Physical accordingly.

I am of the opinion that come what may, the Craft shoudl remain a closed society, open only the selected few who are genuinely interested in the Ancient Wisdom it has to offer those who partake of them. As you well know, there is a great difference between "Secrets and Mysteries". Although some so- called "secrets" may be now out in the open, the true Mysteries still remain hidden from the Profane Eye. When I was made a Master Mason, it was a great achievement for me personally, and a great moment in my life, and for those in my family and ancestry who held this honourable tradition as highly significant, and regarded the Craft in deep reverence. As the echoes of Masters Past still ring: "The Word that Reveals, most often truly Conceals". Thus, methinks, our "Secrets" remain safe, our Traditions True Blue, and our Ancient Mysteries alive and well- guarded. Today, most people are interested only in the sensationalism of "Hollywood" conspiracies, and Secret Societies, etc. They are not concerned with the true Teachings and Wisdom of this Anceint Craft. We have nothing to worry about, except the ignorance of the many and the prying eyes of the few. In our modern world today, the real Tyler guarding the Pillars of the Temple is the ignorance of the masses, and the inhumanity of Mankind.

Thank You
George L. Salis
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