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What Masonry means to people

Their thoughts on the Meaning of Masonry

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Turning The Hiram Key

Find out what Masonry means to Robert by reading his latest book, Turning The Hiram Key.

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By sally haynes-preece
Freemasonry was a large part of my Fathers life. I remember him studying rituals from a little book. And I remember him telling me that there were certain keys words missed out so it wouldn't mean anything to someone who was not a mason. I remember his pride in his apron etc, And when he became Worshipful Master and it was Mum's turn to be the chief guest at Ladies night....well the craft toke over the whole family!! I think the the secrecy does Freemasonry little good, It adds to the idea that in some way the craft is corrupt. And sadly I am sure corruption does exist. I used to get angry when people expressed that view because I knew my dad was not corrupt, nor rich. Certainly his masonic connections ensured we as a family were well supported at his funeral. It is obvious that the rituals mean little even to those within the craft. If there was less secrecy, maybe new minds could be bought to bear to understand the true meaning of the craft. And maybe the message of freemasonry would be better known and maybe influence people who would never dream of attending anything so esoteric......and in some ways frankly ridiculous.. Freemansonry needs to lose the theatrics and then maybe its message will be taken more seriously.
By kristian skullcrusher
Q1 2b1 ask 1 flashes on our community sign. we as masons should always state, "we do nothing you couldn't do in front of your own mother." but we should also temper that with
"Mind your buisness." thanks Ben Franklin. The knowledge we keep is now common. the way we keep it is not. seek and you will find. those with eyes should see, those with ears ought to listen.
yes we need to keep our secrets.

Q2 for me, it's better than going to church. i believe the holy see is blind.

Q3 uplifted and honored. acceptance was immediate and full.

Q4 i haven't missed a regular communication. this is a spiritual experience for me. as i said,it's
better than going to church. waaaaaay better!

By Blake Heisler
I believe the principles go back to when man first had awareness. When he could first cipher Order from dis-order and what made it so. Certain terms and titles may indeed begin in England or Europe but the truth of a good and moral life one where the man examines his environment, the starry canopy above him, all thats around him and most importantly, he himself, is ancient and my be as you lay out in the Hiram Key. As for secrecy, yes keep it so. I see a time coming when protestant men will run back to the Catholic church. I see it necessitate an urgency for numbers to combat the one who's hand will always be against his brother. For generations now we have been slumbering to the dream of modern day life with war bent towards politics of petty things. We lost site of the fact, the FACT that the battleground is spiritual and follows bloodlines. The time will come once more when generals will sit at the feet of Priests to prepare for battle. Our armies can bomb and kill the Hitlers and Saddam's of this world and never understand that for all your expense and effort, all that happened was the flesh attacked the flesh. The Light and darkness are still there. The triumphant Knights on this battlefield had their beginning at Golgotha, the place of the Skull. It encapsulates the brain from from which the mind is projected onto all it senses. When that carnal mind is crucified and Light emanates from the eyes, True clarity is achieved.
Blake Heisler M. M
By Joe Morris
I am not a Mason but the past 6 years I have "learned" a lot. What's real? What's not? I can not tell you but I know there is a part of history we were not told while we were growing up. The country I was born and raised in was founded by Masons, and I knew nothing about them. My curiosity has taken me down the rabbit hole to see who, what, when and where the Masons come from. What you believe in. And the implications of a long, deep underworld of history that has been shadowed from the masses. My question is, why the secrecy? And if there is some hard evidence that proves your beliefs, why has this knowledge not been shared with the public until the age of technology?

From a outsider, I have to say that the secrecy raises a lot of doubt with trust and I get the feeling their is a hidden agenda with this "secret" knowledge. Some deeper questions that I've asked myself is how intertwined are the Masons with the Illuminati? Is the Kybalion as well as The Book of Enoch apart of the Masons belief system? The final big question I have is, do the Masons believe in the Holy Bloodline of Mary Magdalene? If some of these questions seem ignorant or misinformed, I apologize but it is hard to tell what is real and what is not when you're dealing with secrecy. I am glad and excited I found this website, I am sure a lot of my questions will be answered.

By Johan
As a Mason I have pledged to be honest and truthful, therefore the following:
I find it a fascinating journey through history including a lot of folklore.
However in my country and constitution the fraternity fails to pursue the Truth; we mainly chase dogma and ritual with very few indeed understanding what it is about.
No lectures are given; no factual information carried over. Every experienced member has his own ideas and the strongest will normally succeeds in having his view attended to.
1. With secrecy comes separateness which is frowned upon in our information free society;
2. The ritual means verbalising paragraphs parrot fashion with very little understanding of what is said and where it has its origins;
3. Quite ecstatic and euphoric;
4. Perhaps little as the characteristics were already institutionalised before joining;
5. It should be put into words, if we feel that FM is so good!
Too much money making for UGLE and we see very little return/know too little about what work is done elsewhere and not only in the U.K.
By Sister of Mary
My Grandfather was and my Uncle is a Freemason. I have always been curious about it and found Knight and Lomas' book fascinating. Combined with genealogic research, the things I've learned give me a stronger sense of the importance of mothering with a view to the future my children will help create. I also think that whether the grooved ware people or an alien race from on high, developed or shared the technology that helped us to survive through generations, we are responsible to use and protect sacred knowledge. I was struck by the possible similarities in Temple ordinances in the Mormon church and some Freemasonic symbols. I felt like I was claiming my birthright and a renewed sense of purpose. I don't think most participants fully understand the ancient beauty, the entwined spiritual and survival blessings of these ordinances. But, Perhaps Knight and Lomas work, combined with metallurgy, physics, nag hammadi, genetics will inspire others to fulfill their potential. I am naming my unborn child Hiram because I want him to later understand and explore his genetic and spiritual history and understand the power in his blood. In short, this knowledge has changed my life and given me renewed self-worth and purpose.
I have never kept my being a freemason a secret ! Cannot understand the reason why anyone would? All my Non masonic friends get invites to our Ladies nights & most them attend & ask to be invited to the next one! Non masonics read books by popular authors lile Dan Brown etc etc. My dear departed mother always used to say 'so you're going to Boy-scouts tomorrow' or whenever... maybe a concept shared by many females? I was never in the boy scouts but know it to be an admirable association with honourable standards.
Masonic ritual is just what it is , part of the tapestry of being a Freemason , having an awful memory it's always been a challenge but at least I've tried to do my best - Feel that I have learnt quite a lot from it's study over the years although it is perfectly possible to have an equal understanding without necessarily becoming a freemason if you apply yourself but you do discover that freemasonry is a very convenient package in so many ways to satisfy spaces in life that you weren't even aware of!
When I was made a mason I was aware that I was starting on a journey but that's also the case when you start your first job / business , you don't know where it's going to end up!
Masonic ritual itself has not occupied any great part in my life outside of the requirement to fulfill obligations towards the lodges I belong to. Don't know anybody who gets hung up about the ritual anyway! - it's just part of masonic life & if you don't want to get involved too much with it no one is going to force you to!
Believe Freemasonry is quite open already , open days for lodges , openess by freemasons to friends & acquaintances is how it should be. Anyone with an ounce of intelligence can find out pretty much whatever they want about freemasonry from libraries or the web. I wish I had joined earlier than I did because the camaraderie & friendships that have developed since I joined could have been enjoyed for even longer if I had.
Many people lack confidence in one way or another & you can see how this quality strengthens & grows within them as they advance through the lodge -
It's a shame that in some ways it's a bit elitist because that puts off the guys who could benefit the most from being a part of a lodge but that happens with lots of other things in our society as well & there are members from every sort of background not just middle class look alikes!
In the end it's an organisation which can benefit every member & also the charities which are supported by donations.
One way or another there have been associations which have benefitted their members/ devotees since ancient times & despite the challenges of a digital age they will continue to have a place in the future also - even if it involves holographic images through the internet or some other science fiction concept that hasn't even been thought of yet!
By Karen illar
So long have I waited to talk about this, in the beginning the Source was male and female and to come to earth Great Spirit had to be in the flesh. He in embodiment was Enki along with his wife she was later known as Isis, they where called the Anunnaki take the first the letters Anu that is Ra creator, they created from the neitherland man along with there DNA and the DNA of are brothers and sisters of the cosmos homo sapiiens. In ancient times the brotherhood of the snake which evolved to the nowadays Freemason and mason also the Knights Templer. And the Fishers the masons are now bring in new change to the United States I watch are family from the cosmos every night I see the Hopi blue star and Red star great change is coming the evolution of mankind. Thank you karen
By Fraternal-Brother
!. First of all yes Freemasonry should be kept secret as the world is full of atheist biggots who care not for the past or religion. There are many foolish minds and groups of people who believe in conspiracy, and global corruption, human exploitation and even that aliens have penetrated our societies. "No Joke" its utter nonsense to normal folk. But in American societies there is a growing angst against Freemasons where they are shunned in their societies as "Illuminati - Conspirators. Of course every Freemason will tell you that's rubbish most lodges are nothing but a bunch of drunken old farts at best who can just about organise a charitable night to raise money for the needy in their communities. their are many organised enemies to Freemasonry which is unnecessary.
the public should be drip fed just enough to keep the heat of the order, to call Freemasonry rooted in evil is ludicrous.

Masons are flexible to all beliefs, all ages, all races, science and any arts. It is simply in a nutshell a "Knights Order" with the motto - "Making Good Men Better, Not Making Bad Men Good". Not everyone can be a mason in certain terms, you know in your heart and faith when your ready to make that step into the darkness of blind faith and your lodge will guide you. For this reason it is secret to keep out the enemies of a holy order, and to protect the souls of those who are absorbed to join. Secrecy is the foundation of the ritual order. Its each mans interpretation to a ritual that is about to be performed to him and him alone therefore it is secret to each man in himself and to those brothers who did the ritual with him.

2. A mason "should" be true of heart and mind, he is a knight to all who know him, a builder of his own inner temple and a builder in his community. His hand is charitable, a well read man who knows truth in god and religion. He is not tied to religion in his craft but in his manner and morality with all men. The ritual is as many decree I believe thousands of years of passed oral and pictorial information stemming from the earliest Civilisation models of religion and politics (Astrology, The Gods, The Priests, The Kings, The People) formed an order under basic principles which is mimicked in the economic structure of modern government. The Ritual is mans moral reasoning with that structure, maths and science his understanding and his belief in its higher effect and how god and the heavens play apart in his being on earth . It will change his life and help him to learn the principles of life and death. In a nutshell " A Beautifully Designed Order for Brothers to live die and pass on a tradition, of brotherly love trust and relief.

3. The answers to this question can never be put into words. The Mind, The Heart and the Soul carries these emotions to eternity... but no man can explain in any true form to another what it is to be made a mason, as words are not emotions.

4. It has led me to the path of righteousness but I also learned many sciences on the way, a pathway through the past and into my families past as well. I have made many friends and now engage in many community activities and live in the best way to serve others. No book or wise words can dictate your life or make you a better person, reading the bible and going to church doesn't make YOU a better person. Your actions here on earth towards your soul and the soul of others is what makes you the better person. Freemasonry gives a man the confidence to stand up and build in his actions what is better and see the fruits of his charity, compassion and social endeavour. Its not all wearing a nice suit and having a good knees up. though the social relaxation helps a mason to stay upon the level.

5. Most definitely can never be put into words. It can for all to read and try to understand. why not go on give a copy of the constitutions to everyone and they wont have a clue. Why? I hear you ask. Putting it simply its like handing over a Theatre performance script to someone directing a musical play for the first time. They don't know the story, nor the actors in the story, the plot, they cant see the props or even the stage let alone the backing music that makes each act flow. Only the well rehearsed actors can give u the emotions and set the stage for you... therefore Freemasonry can only be performed to you effectively by other masons.

You can read the rituals but your merely seeing the words of a performance you cant imagine, by people who will stand side by side with you in life and death. you can buy, understand or reproduce that in anyway other than in itself. It is a most holy pyramid scheme of the finest nature that grants you eternal peace rather than financial gain. Your as good as your peers, you get out of it what you put into it. You will find your place and be true. Remember the church is a pyramid scheme too. It was and still is the true spirit of all ages.
By Kaleb
I really commend the work put in to track the routes of Freemasonry. Until i read your book "The Second Messiah", my soul was in much turbulence. I personally had grown a whole load of knowledge on tracing the sources and foundations that produce great men. However, i am inclined to feel that the passion in individuals for the obtaining of a higher consciousness is in heavy decline. Largely due to the "thought police" the arousal for such investigating required to find something, is at best, a restless frenzy.
Saying that though, i may well be guilty of cynicism in as much as, well, other than the message of Jesus (such fine conquering words that can only have come from a steady, clear cognition), i've felt that nobody has come close to figuring out things like; what the Egyptians were upto with that funny walk that looks suspisciously like the spinning vortex wheel that is now associated with Nazism.

- On the question of, should Freemasonry be a secret, i have some trouble at present, in answering this question. In my studies and research, i once read that Jesus entered a Pyramid during his preparotory years, was taught how to link upto cosmic navigation and apparently said that this knowledge should never be allowed to get into the hands of people who's will is will to power... More recently however and more so after reading the above mentioned book, i am nearly, completely sure, that such an aquisition of knowledge is not possible for a "darkened soul". So then i come to the conclusion that it is truth for all. Then with regards to the Freemasons, i feel they must be a greedy bunch who somehow think they have a divine right to knowledge that is by birth right, for everyone. Seriously though, i now just consider Freemasonry as another Religion. Probably the closest one to obtaining the sort of status that Jesus wanted for us. Not that other religions don't contain the nutrients needed for such an attainment, it's just that, in Freemasonry, you're less likely to get caught up in lack of faith owing to, "waiting for His return". Saying that though, Freemasonry does not seem to have gotten us any nearer to the truth. Which brings me to the conclusion that they (religions) have deviated from the plain message of an honest, loving and selfless individual. Please note that i am not attacking religion as i feel they all have the basic principles therein which help one, immensely.

I mean, really, has anyone stopped and thought that, the cross, is the human body without a head? That it has no head sitting on top of it because something ( ie, falsehood) has played with it's evolutionary path?

Who am i to talk amongst so much talk, but really, it is in my opinion that if you ponder these two questions... you Will find the Way.

The truth Will conquer all, like a greedy little tortoise. I would prefer it in this century though. We do have our work cut out. Obtaining peace from "the noise" is becoming much harder. And evolutionarily speaking, children born to help us find peace, harmony, composure and holiness are being tagged with names like ADHD. The truth is, it's too noisy for them and there accelerative driving force (passion of Christ! desire!) becomes corrupted by a let's face it... a whole complex load of nothing.Let us pray. Let us think loud, proud, truthfull thoughts and create straight paths for our children.

Love and Peace to all
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