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What Masonry means to people

Their thoughts on the Meaning of Masonry

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Turning The Hiram Key

Find out what Masonry means to Robert by reading his latest book, Turning The Hiram Key.

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By Sister of Mary
My Grandfather was and my Uncle is a Freemason. I have always been curious about it and found Knight and Lomas' book fascinating. Combined with genealogic research, the things I've learned give me a stronger sense of the importance of mothering with a view to the future my children will help create. I also think that whether the grooved ware people or an alien race from on high, developed or shared the technology that helped us to survive through generations, we are responsible to use and protect sacred knowledge. I was struck by the possible similarities in Temple ordinances in the Mormon church and some Freemasonic symbols. I felt like I was claiming my birthright and a renewed sense of purpose. I don't think most participants fully understand the ancient beauty, the entwined spiritual and survival blessings of these ordinances. But, Perhaps Knight and Lomas work, combined with metallurgy, physics, nag hammadi, genetics will inspire others to fulfill their potential. I am naming my unborn child Hiram because I want him to later understand and explore his genetic and spiritual history and understand the power in his blood. In short, this knowledge has changed my life and given me renewed self-worth and purpose.
I have never kept my being a freemason a secret ! Cannot understand the reason why anyone would? All my Non masonic friends get invites to our Ladies nights & most them attend & ask to be invited to the next one! Non masonics read books by popular authors lile Dan Brown etc etc. My dear departed mother always used to say 'so you're going to Boy-scouts tomorrow' or whenever... maybe a concept shared by many females? I was never in the boy scouts but know it to be an admirable association with honourable standards.
Masonic ritual is just what it is , part of the tapestry of being a Freemason , having an awful memory it's always been a challenge but at least I've tried to do my best - Feel that I have learnt quite a lot from it's study over the years although it is perfectly possible to have an equal understanding without necessarily becoming a freemason if you apply yourself but you do discover that freemasonry is a very convenient package in so many ways to satisfy spaces in life that you weren't even aware of!
When I was made a mason I was aware that I was starting on a journey but that's also the case when you start your first job / business , you don't know where it's going to end up!
Masonic ritual itself has not occupied any great part in my life outside of the requirement to fulfill obligations towards the lodges I belong to. Don't know anybody who gets hung up about the ritual anyway! - it's just part of masonic life & if you don't want to get involved too much with it no one is going to force you to!
Believe Freemasonry is quite open already , open days for lodges , openess by freemasons to friends & acquaintances is how it should be. Anyone with an ounce of intelligence can find out pretty much whatever they want about freemasonry from libraries or the web. I wish I had joined earlier than I did because the camaraderie & friendships that have developed since I joined could have been enjoyed for even longer if I had.
Many people lack confidence in one way or another & you can see how this quality strengthens & grows within them as they advance through the lodge -
It's a shame that in some ways it's a bit elitist because that puts off the guys who could benefit the most from being a part of a lodge but that happens with lots of other things in our society as well & there are members from every sort of background not just middle class look alikes!
In the end it's an organisation which can benefit every member & also the charities which are supported by donations.
One way or another there have been associations which have benefitted their members/ devotees since ancient times & despite the challenges of a digital age they will continue to have a place in the future also - even if it involves holographic images through the internet or some other science fiction concept that hasn't even been thought of yet!
By Karen illar
So long have I waited to talk about this, in the beginning the Source was male and female and to come to earth Great Spirit had to be in the flesh. He in embodiment was Enki along with his wife she was later known as Isis, they where called the Anunnaki take the first the letters Anu that is Ra creator, they created from the neitherland man along with there DNA and the DNA of are brothers and sisters of the cosmos homo sapiiens. In ancient times the brotherhood of the snake which evolved to the nowadays Freemason and mason also the Knights Templer. And the Fishers the masons are now bring in new change to the United States I watch are family from the cosmos every night I see the Hopi blue star and Red star great change is coming the evolution of mankind. Thank you karen
By Fraternal-Brother
!. First of all yes Freemasonry should be kept secret as the world is full of atheist biggots who care not for the past or religion. There are many foolish minds and groups of people who believe in conspiracy, and global corruption, human exploitation and even that aliens have penetrated our societies. "No Joke" its utter nonsense to normal folk. But in American societies there is a growing angst against Freemasons where they are shunned in their societies as "Illuminati - Conspirators. Of course every Freemason will tell you that's rubbish most lodges are nothing but a bunch of drunken old farts at best who can just about organise a charitable night to raise money for the needy in their communities. their are many organised enemies to Freemasonry which is unnecessary.
the public should be drip fed just enough to keep the heat of the order, to call Freemasonry rooted in evil is ludicrous.

Masons are flexible to all beliefs, all ages, all races, science and any arts. It is simply in a nutshell a "Knights Order" with the motto - "Making Good Men Better, Not Making Bad Men Good". Not everyone can be a mason in certain terms, you know in your heart and faith when your ready to make that step into the darkness of blind faith and your lodge will guide you. For this reason it is secret to keep out the enemies of a holy order, and to protect the souls of those who are absorbed to join. Secrecy is the foundation of the ritual order. Its each mans interpretation to a ritual that is about to be performed to him and him alone therefore it is secret to each man in himself and to those brothers who did the ritual with him.

2. A mason "should" be true of heart and mind, he is a knight to all who know him, a builder of his own inner temple and a builder in his community. His hand is charitable, a well read man who knows truth in god and religion. He is not tied to religion in his craft but in his manner and morality with all men. The ritual is as many decree I believe thousands of years of passed oral and pictorial information stemming from the earliest Civilisation models of religion and politics (Astrology, The Gods, The Priests, The Kings, The People) formed an order under basic principles which is mimicked in the economic structure of modern government. The Ritual is mans moral reasoning with that structure, maths and science his understanding and his belief in its higher effect and how god and the heavens play apart in his being on earth . It will change his life and help him to learn the principles of life and death. In a nutshell " A Beautifully Designed Order for Brothers to live die and pass on a tradition, of brotherly love trust and relief.

3. The answers to this question can never be put into words. The Mind, The Heart and the Soul carries these emotions to eternity... but no man can explain in any true form to another what it is to be made a mason, as words are not emotions.

4. It has led me to the path of righteousness but I also learned many sciences on the way, a pathway through the past and into my families past as well. I have made many friends and now engage in many community activities and live in the best way to serve others. No book or wise words can dictate your life or make you a better person, reading the bible and going to church doesn't make YOU a better person. Your actions here on earth towards your soul and the soul of others is what makes you the better person. Freemasonry gives a man the confidence to stand up and build in his actions what is better and see the fruits of his charity, compassion and social endeavour. Its not all wearing a nice suit and having a good knees up. though the social relaxation helps a mason to stay upon the level.

5. Most definitely can never be put into words. It can for all to read and try to understand. why not go on give a copy of the constitutions to everyone and they wont have a clue. Why? I hear you ask. Putting it simply its like handing over a Theatre performance script to someone directing a musical play for the first time. They don't know the story, nor the actors in the story, the plot, they cant see the props or even the stage let alone the backing music that makes each act flow. Only the well rehearsed actors can give u the emotions and set the stage for you... therefore Freemasonry can only be performed to you effectively by other masons.

You can read the rituals but your merely seeing the words of a performance you cant imagine, by people who will stand side by side with you in life and death. you can buy, understand or reproduce that in anyway other than in itself. It is a most holy pyramid scheme of the finest nature that grants you eternal peace rather than financial gain. Your as good as your peers, you get out of it what you put into it. You will find your place and be true. Remember the church is a pyramid scheme too. It was and still is the true spirit of all ages.
By Kaleb
I really commend the work put in to track the routes of Freemasonry. Until i read your book "The Second Messiah", my soul was in much turbulence. I personally had grown a whole load of knowledge on tracing the sources and foundations that produce great men. However, i am inclined to feel that the passion in individuals for the obtaining of a higher consciousness is in heavy decline. Largely due to the "thought police" the arousal for such investigating required to find something, is at best, a restless frenzy.
Saying that though, i may well be guilty of cynicism in as much as, well, other than the message of Jesus (such fine conquering words that can only have come from a steady, clear cognition), i've felt that nobody has come close to figuring out things like; what the Egyptians were upto with that funny walk that looks suspisciously like the spinning vortex wheel that is now associated with Nazism.

- On the question of, should Freemasonry be a secret, i have some trouble at present, in answering this question. In my studies and research, i once read that Jesus entered a Pyramid during his preparotory years, was taught how to link upto cosmic navigation and apparently said that this knowledge should never be allowed to get into the hands of people who's will is will to power... More recently however and more so after reading the above mentioned book, i am nearly, completely sure, that such an aquisition of knowledge is not possible for a "darkened soul". So then i come to the conclusion that it is truth for all. Then with regards to the Freemasons, i feel they must be a greedy bunch who somehow think they have a divine right to knowledge that is by birth right, for everyone. Seriously though, i now just consider Freemasonry as another Religion. Probably the closest one to obtaining the sort of status that Jesus wanted for us. Not that other religions don't contain the nutrients needed for such an attainment, it's just that, in Freemasonry, you're less likely to get caught up in lack of faith owing to, "waiting for His return". Saying that though, Freemasonry does not seem to have gotten us any nearer to the truth. Which brings me to the conclusion that they (religions) have deviated from the plain message of an honest, loving and selfless individual. Please note that i am not attacking religion as i feel they all have the basic principles therein which help one, immensely.

I mean, really, has anyone stopped and thought that, the cross, is the human body without a head? That it has no head sitting on top of it because something ( ie, falsehood) has played with it's evolutionary path?

Who am i to talk amongst so much talk, but really, it is in my opinion that if you ponder these two questions... you Will find the Way.

The truth Will conquer all, like a greedy little tortoise. I would prefer it in this century though. We do have our work cut out. Obtaining peace from "the noise" is becoming much harder. And evolutionarily speaking, children born to help us find peace, harmony, composure and holiness are being tagged with names like ADHD. The truth is, it's too noisy for them and there accelerative driving force (passion of Christ! desire!) becomes corrupted by a let's face it... a whole complex load of nothing.Let us pray. Let us think loud, proud, truthfull thoughts and create straight paths for our children.

Love and Peace to all
By iSambolin
Freemasonry has no secrets, presently. I am convinced of this. No matter how high on the Freemasonic hierarchy you go, I do not believe anyone knows. But, I believe I may have the clue... and so do you.

My interest in Freemasonry began at a very early age. First out of awe of the Masonic temples I saw growing up. Being a sort of reactionary Roman Catholic seminarian in my youth, the order attracted me even more when I left religion since the Catholics always had an issue with it. I sought out Freemasonry because I am intrigued by spiritual mysteries, believing still in Divinity, which is the spirit in everything living and inanimate.

I was only initiated in April of 2011 and passed in November. My raising has been scheduled for April of 2013. However, for the past five years I have been digesting volume upon volume of ancient history, namely Zecharia Sitchin and his constituents, and old Masonic constitutions, histories, and charges. Before that, what started all this was reading Erik Von Daniken in 5th grade. Then, in high school seminary, I was taught how to refute his theories. I now believe them wholeheartedly.

Masonic histories and constitutions tell us that the order began as speculative, with Adam receiving the knowledge and sciences. Sumerian texts corroborate this premise, and go as far as to say that Adam was taken from Earth to be indoctrinated in the mysteries and sciences of our creators. Upon his return, the knowledge was recorded and past on to his progeny. Ancient texts tell us that Adam and Eve were real, and so was the Garden of Eden or the ED.IN.

Noah, aka Utnapishtim, and his progeny inherited the knowledge and sciences after the Deluge. Abraham carried it from Ur to Egypt and out again. Moses received it in Egypt and it was reinforced through his repeated encounters with the Elohim, or Anunnaki. Somewhere along the line, continuity was lost, until the temple of Solomon, where it was revived and instituted. Carried to the rest of the world by the dispersion of the Solomonic Masons and preserved by the Essenes, of which Jesus called Christ and his constituents were part of, the knowledge finally came under the protection of the Knights Templar. And thus, under persecution, the knowledge was encoded in allegory and secrets, and never imparted but to those who sought it.

I will not impart the secrets that I believe are The Secrets of Freemasonry here. But, it is obvious from my deductions, what those mysteries and knowledge appertain to.
By Krystal
My father was a Mason, as is my brother-in-law. As a woman it was never an option for me. Over the years I have always felt confused by the hidden aspect of masonry that imbued all masons with less than pleasant intentions. I would hear things about masons - and I knew it couldn't be true because I knew my Dad wasn't like that. We were not rich, we lived on a council estate in leafy Buckinghamshire. My sister and brother-in-law are not rich - but I do know as I write this that his fellow masons are providing help to him and my sister as he recovers from surgery that has left him immobile and needing carers.

I have just read Uriel's Machine, and have just started The Hiram key because I want to know more about the organisation that played such a large part in Dad's life. I remember him sitting reading a small book with key words missing from it. I also remember his weekly nights out at Lodge of Instruction. I remember Mum's big night - the Ladies night the year Dad was Worshipful Master which was the night my sister became officially engaged on my Brother-in-laws 21st birthday.

Masonry seems to have dominated my life - I feel it has in some strange way shaped me although I know nothing of it , and I don't understand why all the secrecy is needed. I feel it is a force for good - and it should let some light in (the light of Venus?)

The uniting of spirituality and science (which I am beginning to understand is very masonic) is for personal reasons important to me . The realisation that my Dad HAD to accept the existence of a supreme deity is causing me to re-evaluate what he really believed as we were not a church going family. My Dad was a good man, as I believe the majority of Masons are. But to keep things hidden is bound to cause outsiders to fear and distrust them. In this age of the internet and global communication I believe it is time for the Masons to become more communicative .
By James A. Rumsey
I was raised December 7, 1998 in Wyandotte Lodge #3, Kansas City, Kansas of Wyandotte County, Kansas, USA. At the age of forty-eight. Becoming a Mason has in no small way affected the way I see and treat other creatures and humans. I do not celebrate any one particular religion nor do I wish all men believe as I do. Before becoming a Mason, I was confused about God and Heaven and religion in general. But since my initiation into Masonry many questions have for me been answered and those that are unanswered are of little or no consequence to me.

For a period of time beginning in 2006, I became very ill due to end-stage liver disease and eventually received a liver transplant, March of 2007. I mention this only because Masonry returned a quality of life to me that I would not have known without it. One of the results of my illness was that my memory, both short and long term was seriously impaired to a point that I did not recognize loved ones nor remember much about my avocations or education. After receiving a new liver and my health began to return, as a way of passing the hours and days of recuperation, I began to study my cipher and other Masonic literature. This exercise proved to be a much needed rehabilitation of my brain and memory function. I now hold a "Master's Proficiency Certificate" and shortly will be attempting the "Unlimited".

Thank you for listening to my brag and please continue to look for the "Secrets of a Master Mason".

James A. Rumsey, Past Master 2004
By Little Brother
I think secrecy includes secrecy in declaring membership, secrecy of rituals, passwords and grips etc.., and the secret knowledge imparted by various means. Under this last categorization I will include the perceived vagueness of goals and of what might be required from the member in the future. Personally I believe that memberships of masons should be divulged only by the Brother himself and not by other Brothers. Reasons for that are obvious after we see the rise of many forms of violent fanaticism and radicalism now and all through history. Some discussions just cannot be public or else it will degenerate into empty rhetoric and dogma. You cannot except people who think they know the truth of things, to search deeper because to them there is no need as they already found what they are looking for. For better or worst. 

In Lebanon, the small nation that holds special in masonry as an organization in terms of members and in the ritual of building the Temple, and after seeing the first hand the reactions of people belonging to different walks of life such as different  socioeconomic classes, educational levels, religious fervor (radicals to moderates to liberals), the various political party followers, various age groups, occupational groups and more; I come to the conclusion that secrecy is one of the common arguments against the Craft in 3 ways:

Many say that it is inconceivable to them to agree on an organization that requires members to swear allegiance before knowing what might be required of them and that this is like jumping into the unknown. I clearly remember a big shot journalist tell me this and an ex minister told my entire lodge in a presentation. My answer, in my mind, was I researched the craft for 6 years under the guidance of a master before I was initiated, the craft needs a lot of research and that joining the craft is such a serious obligation to our souls and minds that it warrants the search of information and knowledge to be sure that if fits the person in question. By no means should Masonic membership be  given lightly and I also am strongly against recruiting members. It is persons own personal quest for deeper knowledge that will lead him to a Brother who will guide him. Personally my search to understand the dynamics of my life and the world and the universe and the Force behind them, was due to an early(middle school) disappointment with life and it's apparent injustices and non stop demanding challenges, and I always knew deep inside that there are answers somewhere. 
Such an argument involving secrecy shows me that people truly ascending prejudices and willing to put all "truths" under the scrutiny of our aware minds, will waive this argument under the auspices of Trust, and this trust will be the result of a life long search well before membership in FM.

The second anti secrecy argument I noticed a lot is the accusation that FM, with pre-intent, lures people by offering a false sense of superiority due to the promise of secrets that differentiate them from those who don't them and thus satisfies many psychological tendencies in man such as curiosity, adventure, seeking power and more. 
 The masons I know today are pursuing the right approach of saying that there are no such secrets in the nature of superpowers or a holy Grail. Personally I think the greatest secrets hidden in the symbols are our individual interpretations of them after studious thought and study, and these would be our personal secrets, not the crafts, but they are not hidden at all as all Masonic symbols can be easily accessed on the Internet. What we attach to the symbol that fits and helps our individual personalities to be better are the true secrets that can transform lives. At least that's what I think at the moment.

The third argument against secrecy is close to all those conspiracy theories ranging from devil worship to world domination. To these no reply should be given as any PR campaign of this sorts will not benefit Masonry no matter what the result. These are the thoughts that massacred the Templars who attempted to compile knowledge from eastern and western religion and thought, and myself being a Muslim Lebanese Mason, I am at risk of such persecution in the volatile region I live in. It is mainly due to religious fanaticism in the middle east, similar to europes dark ages, that make me careful in disclosing my Masonic identity. Mind you that FM actually made me love and respect my religion much more than before and so with other religions. Indeed Love is a major outcome of Masonic work (mainly ritual work); brotherly love, love of truth, and love of nature and family.

To me at this point in time, Love is a valuable outcome of the ritual. Love in all it's manifestations.

After each lodge meeting there comes a feeling of happiness and content. A brother explained the reason as due to fact that all metals or material thoughts are left outside the lodge and the opening ceremony directs our concentration inwards away from our daily problems and that will have an obvious psychological effect similar to meditation. Listening and participating in the lecture also increases this focus of positive energy. 
I make it a point to never decrease my reading of all sorts of subjects so that the ritual can play a more important role (to me personally). And that it helps me take this information from reading and transform them into realities I can "experience" after imprinting them deeper in the hidden parts of my mind(sub and un-conscious) by hearing so many differing opinions on the info from brothers and by matching them with the rich symbolism of the lectures that act as limitless reservoirs of knowledge that will gradually transform to become the seeds of wisdom. Ritual are like a crash course compared to individual study as it allows me(strangely to an EA like me) to speed up the process of transforming raw knowledge into usefulness,practicality, experience, and hopefully Wisdom and Power. 
The rituals also have a moral effect due to the consistent reminding of the application of all the virtues and of the white gloves and aprons we wear.
The ritual of initiation personally gave me a wider perspective in life symbolized by passing through the "tests" associated with the four elements and hence of all material life, in preparation to a more sublime spiritual awareness. The opening and closing of the Lodge, and all furniture, ornaments, the Lights; all are subjects that require a lifetime of contemplation and the most fruitful contemplation is inside the closed lodge. This is my personal experience with rituals and is shared by most Brother I talk to about this subject. It is worthy to note that because I lived outside Lebanon in countries where FM is banned, I used to advocate the argument that I can "know myself" and seek truth all by myself thru reading and thought but not I have seen firsthand that the process of regeneration into a better human is faster and more potent in the rituals.

Anyway these questions posted require volumes of answers so I will suffice with this and get back to the other questions or elaborations on rituals and secrecy later.

By James
My thoughts on Secrets:
I think it should be kept from those who would oppose it. Zig Ziglar says (paraphrased) "if you are making a self improvement goal - tell everyone. But if you are making a goal that one-ups someone, only tell a select a few - those that will support you." I like secrecy to protect myself when I am doing good things that others may take offense to. I think secrecy to all though, leads to dark things.

How I view Masonic Rituals:
A series of events, or a drawing, etc that helps to remind me of a larger picture/teaching.

Why I'm Curious about Masons:
I'm not a mason, but found this link by reading wikipedia and am curious. I want to be a better man - in the sight of my family, and in my God. Accountability to spiritual and like minded brothers is a good idea.

I look forward to comments.

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