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What Masonry means to people

Their thoughts on the Meaning of Masonry

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Turning The Hiram Key

Find out what Masonry means to Robert by reading his latest book, Turning The Hiram Key.

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By Joe Marschall
Should Freemasonry be secret, or should we be more open about it? - Aboslutely open, and only controlled to the extent of avoiding uneducated ridicule.
What does Masonic ritual mean to you? - A key to life.
How do you feel when you were made a Mason? - Ignorant, as I joined out of curiousity.
And what role has Masonic ritual played in your life since? - Fantastic way of guiding my thinking.
Do you feel it is something which can not, or perhaps should not, be put into words - absolutely NOT - we should be amonst society's ethical guardians!
I understand what I say here may offend or even appear 'devilish' to some. However, may I emphasize again that this is nothing more than a personal opinion, with which this window is for. I'm a believer of a GOD, in which it doesn't fall prey to 'gender' differentiation or belong to anyone.

Freemasonary to me is a consequence of ideals and knowledge evolution which may have began from the dawn of history, passed through hands of ancient civilisation, scholars, priests, kings, knights, scientists and 'politicians' of the past. Indeed, to all cause we would like to believe that a 'carrot' awaits us, yet, the 'stick' in which had been used to direct the cause could be more deluded than we would like to believe if it is to be trapped in selfish pursues. In extreme cases it would have caused the fall of entire village, race, ciivlisation and errosion of hopes and beliefs. This is very sad.

In the age as of our own, perhaps freemasonary should never again be for the 'elite' few, but for anyone who seek sincere understanding, peace and wisdom. Perhaps more is at stake here than some would like to admit, but if it is truth and justice that society seeks, wouldn't it be a tragedy if the house remains delusive.
By Bro N P Smith
The meaning of masonry is the self improvement,moral personal and spiritual.It is an amalgamation of many earlier paths, some ancient some more recent. It follows the style of the 'mysteries' of Egypt, the Druids,Greeks etc where there was an outer mystery ie a literal interpretation of the ledgends,and an inner mystery, a more enlightened and science based
view. Christianity had the Gnostics, sunni Islam the sufis, shia Islam the Ismailis and Judaism
the Kabbalah.
For me FM is of the same ilk. It is an inner mystery tradition of great importance and a fusion of many ideas as mentioned above.
Unfortunately the vast majority of masons do not think like this. Their integrity,charity and honesty are beyond reproach. Their devotion to the craft is never in question but they never think beyond the next promotion. For the craft to continue it is vital for some brethren to progress in rank I accept that, but a Bro can become master, get provincial honours ,learn the ritual perfectly,know all the complex proceedures for visiting high fliers and never once thought any deeper about the craft than which toast goes where at the festive board !
I may well upset some brethren with the above comments. I am proud to be a bro in a fraternity of such high moral and charitable standards but I feel the craft has become a very
worthy gentlemans club full of men of the highest calibre,and a great advantage to society in general but ultimately a club.
Am I the only 'esoteric' mason out there.
My best wishes to all, masons or not
By Sissy
I have had several encounters with perple who were either members or prior member the Masons.

In one incidence, it involved my uncle. We were never close, infact his whole family treated me with great distance. I was raised a Catholic and they were Protestant. I always thought that my Catholic faith was the reason for the coolness. It was not until my uncle's death did I learn he was a Mason. Both my brother and I were not invited to the family dinner just prior to the funeral. It was at the cemetery, that I finally saw the Masonic sign and learned my uncle had been a Mason for many many year. I had always been thought that Masons with the higher degrees definitely were anti-Catholic.

In the second incidence, I joined a parish that had a priest who was a convert from the Anglican Church. In a conversation with the priest, I learned one day, that he had been a Mason while an Anglician priest. He saw nothing wrong it his having been a Mason. I really don't know if he had left the Masons when he became a Catholic priest.

As time when by, I started to see this priest exhibited more and more strange behavior that certainly didn't add up to the actions of any of Catholic priest I had ever known.One example was he remodeled the church by painting the ceiling blue and having stars painted on it. The walls were painted a rust and green. I seemed to have read somewhere that the Masons used blue ceilings and stars at their places, but I never could find that information when I became concerned. I have never seen a Catholic Church look like that in all my 65 years before of since then either.

If you can tell me about how Mason places are designed, maybe that could help me better understand if my suspecions were correct. At any rate, I left the parish several years back and have never returned. I have since met others who have left as well and they too felt something was very wrong, but just couldn't put their finger on it.

By Cristina, Gavrus
I am a 21 years old girl and I come from a country that allows people to do what they want, only to criticize them after that. We like to gossip. So the Freemasons are regarded as some twisted secret society that, even if people don't have a clue about what you are doing, is simply bad. It's wrong and, hey, what's with the rituals? Some people say that it's a religious cult; some say that it's a political movement acting in the shadow of the social scene. I really don't know what to believe. I've heard about your books from my dad, who loves history and has a pile of books on different civilizations and their impact on modern society. One day he showed me The Hiram Key and from that day on I've been more than interested by this subject. I didn't read it yet, because my dad kept on lending it to different people, but now it's in my hands and I can't wait to begin. If my introduction bored you, I apologize, but I feel the need to explain my opinion, because you may find it lacunar and simple or simplistic.
Well, being a woman doesn't help me much, because a lot of people told me that women aren't allowed in the Freemasonry and I was disappointed by this
By Richard
For most of my life I considered FREEMASONRY (FM) to be a secret dark society formed for the purpose of manipulating others for the benefit of the members of FM. Today I think it is largely a defunct organization a mere remenant of what it once was and that it was at best one layer of the oinion known as the Illuminati. FM itself was formed as an oinion to reflect the design of the larger and more secrative Illuminati. FM still has the same purpose but is less important and usfull as it has become too familiar to be a powerfull organization, however I believe it still has some influence in some area's so it still exists today.
By Bro. Edd. Nield R. O. H.
As a member of the R. A. O. B. ( Grand Primo ) I prefer the the F. M. to stay as it is, an order with a secret (which a lot of people think is a secret order), & while you get the big stick no one thinks about the Buffs.Long may that last?
And while I am here may I give the fraternal greetings to you and your Chapters & Lodges.
By Anton Temple
A Beautiful Garden . . .
Imagine if you were to left in charge of looking after a beautiful garden and that you were given sole responsibility for its cultivation and development. What would you do? Would you spend you time sitting in the garden as it became overgrown. Would you ignore the garden or leave it to its own devices. Would you abuse the land and use it for financial gain? Most of us would answer that we would do our best to make that garden the most pleasant environment we could and that we would take advantage of the natural surroundings and work with the tools and environment so that you can make that garden as distinct and impressive and pleasant as possible.

However when it comes to the even more important responsibility of regulation and development of our selves it is very rare that a human takes the same approach. In life our situation is rather like the above, when we are born we are put in charge of our own person. This is a divine statement of responsibility. The very fact that we have by birth right been given responsibility over or mind, personality and how we interact with the world is a strong statement as to our duty in life. For most people this is the only things that divine providence says to us in our life time. You are in charge, do your best. Actions speak louder than words the message is quite clear. We are born with certain personal characteristics but we should not accept our personality as it comes. Like the garden we should view this as the raw material to work on and make it our life long task to improve our selves and overcome our faults.

The true aim of Freemasonry is the same as the point in life. To develop yourself so that you can have the most positive effect on the world as possable in this lifetime
By Simon Watters
My father is a mason and it has always been something that I have found very fascinating. I bought The Hiram Key for a trip to Spain and can only say that the book has totally altered my whole outlook on life. I had a rough understanding of Freemasonry, the links with the Knights Templar and other theories and rumours that I had heard. The book laid it in front of me in Black and White. I genuineley felt sorrow at secrets lost and how the world is being misled and when I hear people saying things about masonic conspiraces and talking about the craft as a seedy, dark side of humanity, I pity them because they just dont have a clue!! The basis of a masonic way of living in my eyes is quite simply to live a good, honest life, show tolerance to all and be loyal to your brethren. Is this what Christianity should have been like? probably! People fear what they dont understand, masonry should not be feared but it should not be understood by all, the air of mystery cloaking masonry also protects the real goodness at the heart of it. I dont think it is possible to give a definitive Meaning of Masonry, it is a far to complex subject, it is what you make it yourself, close your eyes and see secret signs, hidden symbols and backhanders. Open your eyes and see the way life should be lived.
By David D Stanton
Here is my history and points of view of Masonry:

First I am 30 Years old and an American living in the UK. My father is a Past Master of his lodge which he has been a member for the last fifty years and is now the Chaplan of his Lodge. At the age of about seven, I started asking my father questions about the meaning of life and what it all was about. He started me at that point on a jounry of riddles and mystery. I was so pushy trying to squeeze any thing about the lodge out of him that I could. He never gave in just asking another question to answer my questions. So I found other sources of information, I studied diffrent religions and the Kabbalah, I read works pertaining to the Golden Dawn. Years later in 1997 I began my offical Masonic jounrey. For years I found Masonry dry and overly confusing. I have now found the link between my past studies and it has recharged my intrest in growing in the lodge because I had faded from the scene for a while. I am now expanding to the Holy Royal Arch and Later into the ranks of Knights Templar. From when I was younger, I found for some unknown reason I was already learning of deep masonic teachings and areas of intrest in the Kabbalah, and that the Golden Dawn itself was formed by a group of Masons. Now I am on a speeding jouney of discovery and wonder at which I could have only dreamt. My libaray grows and my collection of Masonic Regalia is slowly expanding. My path continues to what ends I do not yet know, and to all the only advice I can give is this: Knowledge, followed by Wisdom, tempered by humility, fuled by power, and all governed by love is the key.

In Light, Fraternally,

Brother Dave
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