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What Masonry means to people

Their thoughts on the Meaning of Masonry

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Turning The Hiram Key

Find out what Masonry means to Robert by reading his latest book, Turning The Hiram Key.

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By Oyas
It is very enlightening and morally rewarding to be a Freemason. I'm a 3rd generation Mason. My great grandfather is a Mason since the revolution against the Spanish and eventually the Americans. Our forefathers built this country, the Philippines, initially on masonic principles. My continues education and process of relearning everything drives me to be the best. That's Freemasonry.
By Just MY thoughts!
I think that Freemasonry should be what I ( the individual "I" ) want it to be. If I want it to be a secret, then I will keep it a secret. I love the Craft. Freemasonry means different things to everyone. A lot of what is said and done in lodge can be found in every day life around us, just that people don't realize it. Let's keep our recoginition signals to our selves, what do you guys say?
By Ray Mize
Thanks to Knight and Lomas for working so hard to save Masonary. I became a Mason after I read The Hiram Key. I was 60 at the time.
Freemasonary should not be secret--Masonic ritual means that I accept what I hear as truth and Masonary means Maat as the arthurs said--When I was made a Mason it was indescribable, but a few weeks later I felt so very honored because I was raise during the Grand Lodge of Texas and was the first to receive that honor after that ceremony was reinstated--Since I was raised, I haven't played a big part in ritual--Since I don't beleive that Freemasonary should be secret, I feel like it(ritual) could be put in words.
I feel like the time is near that a New Masonary will be born. I hope I can play a part in that evolution.
I have just finished reading The Book of Hiram and was impressed.I have been on and off of astrology for years, but now am back on. Maybe its time for a New Astrology.
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By Christopher DeWayne Strickland
* Should Freemasonry be secret, or should we be more open about it?

When Freemasonry was younger, secrecy was considered a virtue and highly respected. I think secrecy is also an attractive element of mystery and intrigue that surrounds the Order...

* What does Masonic ritual mean to you?

It depends on which ritual. I am most concerned at the moment with the 32nd Degree of the Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction, U.S.A. It's pretty deep and layered with symbolism that I haven't deciphered to my own satisfaction and may never fully interpret the meanings...

* How do you feel when you were made a Mason?

I was very nervous at all of my initiations, Masonic or otherwise. Especially during the Master Mason's Degree Conferral...

* And what role has Masonic ritual played in your life since?

I spend a lot of time studying and not enough time "practicing" but I feel I must master the theory before I master the action of it. I don't want to half-way learn the discipline and then half-way apply it to my life. I'm in for the long haul. ;)

* Do you feel it is something which can not, or perhaps should not, be put into words?

It cannot be put into words. Truth is a slippery little weird critter. It's like something that you can look away from and see it in the corner of your eye, but if you look DiReCtLy at it, it vanishes. Words are here now, but they'll go away. Symbols are used because they are ambiguous and subtle and convey different meaning to different people under various separate circumstances, and that's what truth is: relative. But one day, I feel we will become the symbols and not need them anymore. That's something that might be difficult to wrap your mind around, but Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung have a close approximation to what I'm aiming at, and probably sorely missing and sounding neurotic... ;)

Have a nice day.

Bro.'. Christopher DeWayne Strickland, 32*
By Dan Williamson
I became a Master Mason in 1955. I was 24 years of age at the time, and a student at the University of Texas. The Masons I met at the University made a major impact on my life. Having a troubled childhood, I found people that I could talk to and confide in. This helped me through troubling parts of my life. I attend Lodge regularly, work as Lodge Treasurer, help the overworked Secretary, and share the joys and sorrows of the Lodge members. My proudest moment was when my son was raised to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason. I have read all the Knight/Lomas books on Masonry, and they have had a profound affect on my life. I have been a life long Christian, and was baptised as such. But I always had doubts about the Christians' view of exclusive rights to Heaven. I believed that my God would not send millions of people to Hell because they were not Christians. I doubted the miracles of the bible. I read Holy Blood, Holy Grail, and it answered many of my questions, but the Hiram Key and Second Messiah answered the rest. I now am comfortable in my belief of one God who can handle his job without additional gods. As I read the books, I had a Revised Standard Edition of the Holy Bible, and Isaac Asimov's Guide to the Bible, volumes one and two. I am going to buy Christopher Knight's Book of Hiram, Freemasons, Venus . . .. I would love to be able to meet Robert and Christopher. Since that will probably not happen, I want to thank the two of you for giving the information I had been thirsting for all my adult life.
By Attila Weinberger
1. Being open about Freemasonry should be each of us personal matter - of course respecting our rules of engagement. Some of us are proudly showing off their affiliation while others are more concerned about the immediate social acceptance and possible disadvantages. As a Craft perhaps we should do a better job promoting our values and charity work. All together I feel that our Craft is standing strong as it is.
2. Knowledge, excitement, discipline and 'light'
3. I felt newborn. My legs were shaking, my heart jumped out my chest, I remember I cried in aw... It was something I went through what finally fits me by all means.
4. I became more cautious, balanced and kind toward myself and others.
5. In order to comprehend, understand and move ahead any of the fundamental principles of history, science and spirituality requires knowledge and a big load of reverence. This kind of knowledge could be obtained only in an organized disciplinary manner. For the ignorant everything stays unknown by his own choice. We all know, that inside the Brethren we could find ignorance and superficiality, plenty confusion and misunderstandings. Should our craft be secret? But it is truly secret? What would be Masonry's best of interest? Do we really need more than 6 millions of our kind? What would we gain by extending the number of our members? Are profanes really prepared to take new angles of their own life and believes? Whoever is interested in the Craft, they will find the way to get in anyway... so why should we break the social balance by openly talking about things what could lead to unrest among the non-masons? Yes, maybe we should do a better promoting the Craft, but basically I think we should stay open up only to those who have proven their real interest in our knowledge and were admitted inside. For the rest of the world in order to serve them at our best, as we did ever since, we should stay discreetly and elegantly on the edge - somewhere between the legend and truth.
Hello Future Brothers,

At this time I am not a Mason but I need to be. I have reached 41years on this planet and have tried many things to try and fill the hole in my spirit. I never took drugs or drank myself into deep thoughts, that's not my way.

While in the Army, I had the pleasure of being helped by a Mason and ever since then I have had a drive to learn as much as I could about Masons. Over the years I have met several but at closer look they were not as they appeared on the outside.

The one Mason I have found to be a friend is from Hati and is unsure if he can help me as is needed because he has not become a brother in a Temple here.

Is it possible for me to submit a type of petition to a local Temple ? I live in Central Florida

Please help, I am tired of being in the Dark.

By kne2u2
i hope do you have a traslator. Siempre he dicho que la masoneria no debe porque se abierta que raye en lo indiscreto, y ni cerrada que nadie sepa donde se encuentra. Asi como auqellos que buscan en los monasterios la respuesta a sus dudas, y no se quedan, de la misma forma les sucede a los que acuden por curiosidad, invitacion o peor amigismo.
Creo que los rituales de los dos primeros grados no los vives intensamente, como los difrutaras hasta que estas empapado de la historia, lo que en realidad significa la masoneria para la humanidad y el progreso.Logico el primer grado es muy impactante si no sabes nada de las hermandades o de rituales, pero si has estado en una escuela militar o te has impregnado previamente de literatura especifica y afin, sabiendo que es lo que uno busca y que desea.
para mi fue encontrar mi tesoro perdido el momento de mi iniciacion.

By KT2005US
I would first like to thank Bro. Lomas for making this site available for masons and non-masons to comment about their perceptions of Freemasonry.

1) Should Freemasonry be secret, or should we be more open about it?

I think the initiations, rites, passwords, grips, etc. should remain secret as a way of authenticating a true mason from an impostor. I do, however, feel that in this era of the "Information Age" it is easy to gain access to information regarding freemasonry. The only problem that I've found is there seems to be more negative untruths published in the information arena than actual, truthful facts. I have seen various websites published by people who appear to harbor animosities towards an organization they do not understand, were not admitted to, or became disenchanted with. I don’t feel that there is adequate truthful information available for a reasonable-minded person to effectively way the pros and cons of the organization. I would like to see more information available to the public (non-masons) regarding the truth about the lessons taught or reiterated in the initiation rites of the various degrees. This can be done without giving the details of the processes to which an initiate completes the degrees. I would like to see more information publicized about the various charities supported by the various bodies within Freemasonry. Everyone knows about the Shriners Children’s Hospitals and Burn Centers. How many know about the various organizations supported by the Knights Templar and Scottish Rite? I think the time has come where the proper information can be shared with the public without fear of releasing a “secret”. I am reasonable enough to know that with “secret societies” there will always be a biased one way or the other but it does not help when it appears that the “secret society” enables a negative view of themselves.

2) What does Masonic ritual mean to you?

Masonic ritual, to me, is a very useful tool. It is a means of discipline, respect, honor for tradition, and also improves the mental abilities of those who choose to become officers. The amount of information a Master of a Lodge has to retain, on top of their jobs, family obligations, and anything else they may have to keep track of, is amazing. Some of the rituals require remembering bits of language not used for centuries. Discipline and respect go hand-in-hand in ritual work. If you respect the Craft, your Lodge, Master, and fellow Lodge members and officers, you will be disciplined enough to learn and perform your duties properly and in a dignified manner. You cannot help but have honor for a tradition that has changed minimally over centuries when you see rituals performed properly and correctly.

3) How do you feel when you were made a Mason?

I felt I had become part of an organization that saw itself and its purposes as greater than the individual men that composed the group. I felt part of an organization that believed in setting the example, doing the right thing, and most of all, believers in that Christian value of help thy neighbor. Unlike many organizations, it is not the man that shines through the organization, but that the organization will shine through the man.

4) And what role has Masonic ritual played in your life since?

I have tried in daily life to apply the principles learned in Christian upbringing and reinforced in Masonry. The tradition of the ritual reminds me that, as human beings, we were once upright and honorable people and can be that way again. I am also reminded that, as an individual, we are a small part of a much larger thing (humanity) and that we all have to work together to survive as the Craft has done for centuries. By the working tools presented and discussed in ritual I am reminded of how I should conduct myself as a man. By my obligations I am reminded to exercise the virtues and charity toward mankind. I am human and therefore make mistakes just as any other Christian, Mason, Muslim, Catholic, Protestant, Buddhist, etc. My ring is a constant reminder to me of all the progress I’ve made so far but that there is always room for improvement tomorrow.

5) Do you feel it is something which can not, or perhaps should not, be put into words?

I don’t think that all people whether masons or non-masons can put into words what they think or feel about masonry. I think there are many on both sides of the fence that do not understand many aspects about the Craft. I also know that many masons attend Lodge meetings only to say they’ve been but do nothing more to further themselves as human beings, the Lodge, or mankind. I think many valuable lessons can be taught and reinforced with honest and practical discussion on Freemasonry by those that understand and respect it.

Personal Comment:

I think there is more to Freemasonry that just a “clic”, “secret society” or “good ol’ boys club”. I believe that a form of an organization of Freemasons has been around since civilized man. I think they may have been in the background trying to guide mankind on a moral, productive, and progressive path. Unfortunately, I think the weaker side of man (greed, lust, power) may have caused man to become side-tracked. I think as masons, we need to come together, get our individual acts together, to set a unified and organized example for society. Not to sound like a doomsday preacher but I think society is leading itself down darkened paths. I would hope that we as Masons would be able to set the example and by the light help our fellow man back onto the correct path and be the organization that everyone would want to be a part of because of the examples we set.
By Revisionist from South Africa
Dear Robert

My humble answers/view to your survey questionnaire is given below:

In the case of Free Masonry, I interpret the word “secret” rather as selective, virtuous, private and jealous. I hold the opinion that there is more than enough information available to answer the question “What is Free Masonry”. Also, much (if not all) of the charitable work done by Free Masons is public knowledge. To describe itself as a society with secrets holds well with me. I would not be keen to see Free Masonry advertised or open as the latest mobile phone special.

My uncle was a Free Mason. How active he was or to what degree he progressed is not known to me or the family. Nobody spoke much about it nor which other family members were Free Masons. He sadly passed away many years ago. I would most certainly have asked him.

Yes, I am a Free Mason. Participating and being part of an age old act/ritual, performed many times and many years before, gives me a thrill, excitement and satisfaction that I’m part of something special, not privy or open to any Tom, Dick or Harry. I eagerly participate and give my all. It is my contribution to ensure that that which was hold dear by the ancients, though not always understood, is preserved and passed on to future generations.

I am privileged to be part of, and be appreciated by a society, devoted to preserving ancient knowledge and lessening the plight of the needy. It further adds value to me as a being, forming part of the cosmos.

Masonic ritual is primarily confined to Lodge activities/participation. It does however add much value when reading certain published material.

No, the more one speaks about matters close to the heart the better one can understand them, explain them and debate issues.

Interesting questions! Did Isaac Newton or Galileo benefit society? Directly I suppose not. Most certainly not in the short and medium term. From a charitable point of view yes, there is a measurable benefit. Other than material, I suppose not. However, as an individual grows and improve himself and there are a number of like minded individuals, sharing and supporting a common goal, then there should be some benefit!
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