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What Masonry means to people

Their thoughts on the Meaning of Masonry

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Turning The Hiram Key

Find out what Masonry means to Robert by reading his latest book, Turning The Hiram Key.

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By Dorothy
My father, and probably my grandfather, were Freemasons. I know my father was very proud of this, but he never talked about it to any of the family. Now that I am "old", I wish he had spoken about it so that I could better understand his religious attitudes. Perhaps we would have had a better relationship if I had understood certain things. In our dining room were large framed certificates which I always assumed were proof of his level of achievement in the Freemasons. They had the columns etc. Do you know, I never read them completely or ever found out exactly what they meant. I regret that. I think that Freemasonry went back several or perhaps many generations in my family. I have done a great deal of genealogical research, and wish this was a findable piece of the puzzle.

Perhaps at one time, it was wise for Freemasonry to be secretive. I think that the time has come now, when most people are open to "new" ideas, for them to 'fess up and tell us the truth (as they know it).
By anlgp (Steve)
I agree with what you said on talkshoe. I think it's a way for me to see myself from my internal and external perspective.
By Rob
I work in Local Government and it is such a shame that I and Brethren in similar situations can't celebrate our Membership amongst colleagues. There is still fear that one will be regarded and treated differently in the career stakes.What changed attitudes so much that there is so much antagonism now towards Freemasonry? That would be auseful attitudinal study!
i would like to say, that freemasonry was in my family for generations, and my stepfather was a worshipful master at one of the lodges in Wales.

He was someone who I respected and conducted his life in a very mild and humble way.

I believe, that by following the teachings of freemasonry, and by being a freemason made him the man that he was, and the man I wish to be....

I believe and hope that freemasonry will grow, and continue for many generations to come!
By alan
Few people in the English speaking world are aware that Brazil was founded by masons (Adonhiramita rite), slavery was abolished in Brazil through a masonic movement (non-violent and in stages) and Brasilia is based on old masonic designs from the 1880īs.

Loges are called Lojas (also the name for a shop in Portuguese - both are from the arabic though the roots are different: in arabic, al laj, is a raised dias or holy place, where, for example, couples are married). There is also widespread acceptance that much of the philosophic rites are adapted from Sufism.

Esoteric masonary is now growing, with a younger membership, and is still very active, especially in smaller towns.
By John J. Graham
Dear Robert;
Thank you so much for your contribution in writting "Turning the Hiram Key" a truly wonderful book! Although I come from a long line of Masons in my mother's family(Am Rev War Period), I am a Regular Master mason of Los Altos Lodge 712, in Los Altos, California. I am also Royal Arch Mason of California, Palo Alto Chapter No. 93, Palo Alto Commandery No. 47. Palo Alto Council No. 51 Even with this backgroung I learned more about the Craft than I had expected
but I am concerned that if to much is exposed we will lose the value of the "Secrets" as a private institution.

Masonary is what every man should strive to achive in his lifetime. that is my insight from being in the Craft. Masonary changed my life from what I thoght was best to what is even better today. In short, Iam better person for it.

Iam currently reading The Book of Hiram, and plan to read all of your and Chris's works.

Your in the Craft
By Shinobi
Hey All

I have read The first three of Roberts books and have found them to be very enlightening. Through sending my questions of why we are here to the universe, I have found that his books along with others that I have been led to have taken me to the same mountain top via different roads.

I am a Ninja and have studied this art form as well as many others. I believe they are all branches of the same tree.

What I have found is that both groups share the same ideas and that they share a common source. one has been influenced by western thinking and the other by eastern thinking. Both were at one stage held secret from respecting political/religious groups in power at the time.
Both strive to make the individual responsible for his actions and to increase the soul voltage of each and everyone of us through our actions on this earth. This is what keeps the universe of gods creation growing.

Both authors write in a very informative and respectful manner, after all only by asking the questions that they have, have they come to the truths that they have explored. As with Ninjutsu each brother is like a streetlight on a dark and lonley road. Offering protection and guidence through a world with no formal intstruction booklet.

I am not a mason though I do know several and often talk about "the craft" with them from what I have learnt on my own road of enlightenment. I have always found them to be open and honest in our dealings which gives me a great respect for you all.
By Kashkichap
I find this subject matter to be very fulfilling in terms of having a better grasp of our society's history as a whole. I have always had trouble with the teachings of catholicism. More so after surviving the residential school experience. There was just too many questions that were never answered and this left a void in my understanding of life. Throughout my young years i came across this subject either by accident or by fate. It has only been the last ten years that i have slowly began to read the books coauthored by both Lomas and Knight. I must say that it has enlightened the conversations we have had about many things since then. I am currently reading a book written by Graham Hancock. I have read Hiram Key, The Second Messiah and Uriel's Machine. I feel more informed now about what our history is. This is the kind of knowledge i was yearning to learn about.
I am a Canadian of aboriginal descent and i am now beginning to appreciate what our legends are about. There was always a missing element to the stories and most times, even my parents could not provide the answers. For myself, i will continue to read your books and the other books written by other authors about the same subject.
I don't think it should be a secret. I think the knowledge should be made available to anyone who wishes to know. Even more so with our young people. Our knowledge of our history was put to rest when Europeans began coming over to settle on this side. Everything about our customs and traditions were wiped out. Through the research you have written, i am now beginning to have a better understanding and appreciation about our history. Our stories are much the same that they tell of the same fate that befell upon our society. Keep up the good work. I have other experiences to share but for now i will keep it short and i hope you can include me in your correspondence.
By S Baiocchi
I have a great respect for the foundations of Masonry. I was a lost soul 30 years ago when a friend of mine told me the story of Hiram. At first I told him he was crazy. Then I found the story in an old book. I read the story and also about the excavation of the Temple by the Knight's Templar. I felt almost at once that I had found something that had a direct connection to my life. I unfortunately can never become a Mason. My past behavior won't allow me. ( I wasn't always a nice guy)... anyway I began to read more and more about the craft. Then something began to happen,... I was changing! My negative aspect began to recede. Then positive thing's started to happen and even the people in my life took a turn for the better! The more I studied the more I began to realize that this must be something that had purpose for the betterment of those who are a part of Masonry. It truly has changed my life from afar. Mr Knight and Mr Lomas wrote in THE BOOK OF HIRAM that Masonry was dying. I think that it has stalled and that the Old Builder's must have known that as the world turns people change. So must the outlook of Masonry. The Guild must find a way to rebuild the temple using the Ashlars of the Old for the foundation of the new. In this world of instant gratification and T.V. duplicity... the Builders must find a way to continue into the future while finding common ground with the present. I know that when I speak of Masonry to most of the people I meet, that they have a false impression of what masonry is about. Maybe the Guild can start to rebuild by using modern media with a touch of exposure? I'm not saying to open the doors and throw a party, but to realize that as a race we have advanced very quickly in the last 200 years. It has had a profound negative effect on everything from our view on God to how we deal with each other as people. Zero tolerance is the new "buzz" of the order of thing's. This is nothing short of malice. It is time for the guild to Change. To become a better tool for those who seek to use them for the positive improvement of mankind in these modern times. With all the Movies Like the Da Vinci code the time could never be better to effect a change. I hope that the master of the craft find the sweet spot to bring the past into the future. Thanks for letting me have my say... to all the brothers both here and gone, God Bless and may you live with Hope never fading.
By Charles
FreeMasonry means being apart of something thousand of years old, in a word History.
FreeMasonry means also free thinking.
FreeMasonry a way of life, a way to encourage others to suceed, advance and learn.
Hi, my name is Charles, I joined the lodge in 1989. I had always seen very respectable men and women going and coming from the Masonic Hall. I admit I was also quite curious for my Dad was a Mason but said little about it except that "Freemasonry will never hurt you or anyone else and in fact we help many".
I entered and worked my way through the lodge not missing a step / station, including Scottish Rite and Knights Templar. I wanted to learn as much as possible and did just that. I in turn have assisted or taught many other very capable men. It certainly builds character of the highest calibur.
I am the type of person that will always asked questions about things I'm interested in as well, questions like why you were placed here or there in the lodge? If someone could not answer me I asked others or researched for the infomation to find out why? I found also that what they {the older men or officers} did not tell you was also most important {you need to think and read between the lines}. I followed up with other readings too including most books from this website. I have always had the greatest of faith as well and I know there is no such thing as coincidence, ever! Things happen for a reason. What we read what we suddenly notice or tune into. Also, I have always been one to notice detail and changes to that detail {or myself and changes to myself} I did notice a correlation developing between the knowledge I was attaining and a closer relationship with God and believe it or not Angels as well. May sound a little silly I know but it really is true.
Lodge has been and remains a truly great adventure and learning experience for me.
Thanks for reading
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