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What Masonry means to people

Their thoughts on the Meaning of Masonry

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Turning The Hiram Key

Find out what Masonry means to Robert by reading his latest book, Turning The Hiram Key.

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By robert
I recently found out that my now deceased grandfather in law was a freemason. As soon as I found out I was not surprised. He was a great man and hired people with disabilaties and also minorities before it was common practice.

I am not a freemason but I am working towards becoming one. I consider myself a seeker of truth, knowledge and wisdom. I am constantly looking for ways to improve myself and am working towards becoming a better person. I also love helping people. These qualities, I believe will help elevate me to becoming a master mason. My ultimate goal is to be a Grand Master Mason.
By mommydearestt
Thank you for all the time and effort you have spent researching and writting your books to share this information with others. There are many people from this time who have always felt "different" and that there was "more" to life, and didn't agree with certain dogma's that exist today. The "truth" is inside all of us. It is a matter of "seeing" the peices and putting them together. One thing I wonder is "why" at some point women were "exiled" out of their roles in the "past" and "future". Jesus Lineage was from the womans line not the man's and now were are learning how mit. dna is handed down through the females and through females you can trace back through time. "What" is special about this "virus" dna. What happened to the human race that all of a sudden "changed". One thing I would like is further research on this magnetic field and the reactions of the charge a collision from a "falling" star would produce. What is it the "guardians" are truly waiting for. I dont believe all masons at the top are bad or corrupt even though the hearts of men are easily corrupted. Just as their are "bad" watchers, and "good" ones.
By Ike
I have been a Freemason for three years now and it has filled a philosophical hole that has always bothered me. For many years I could not understand the schism that has existed between schools of religion and schools of science. Anytime science gave me knowledge, I searched for the wisdom that could be learned from it. I feel as though I have now a historical connection with the masons of the past who have shared my quest for wisdom and to those who have been inspired by the glorious works of creation.
By campbell
I think the mystery of Freemasonry should be maintained. There is ultimately more attractiion to the unknown than the known.
My father is a 33rd degree master mason, Scotish Rite, and Shriner. He hold other titles, but my memory of those honours is faulty.
I have recently read "The Hiram Key" and have just begun "Turning the Hiram Key" and have loaned "The Hiram Key" to my dad.
We have had some good discussions on things I read, I was surprised to learn that you became a mason through your mother-in-law.
We will be travelling to Scotland in September 2007, and I will be visiting Rosslyn as I have been facinated by the findings in " The Hiram Key". I have read and seen "The da Vinci Code" as well as having seen "The Mummy Returns" which brought to mind some phrases or para-phrases linked to Freemasonry.
I am married to a Roman Catholic, and facts uncovered through your research has caused me to question the validity of beliefs/events I have come to accept as truth.
I should very much like to have the opportunity to introduce my father to the beginnings of Scottish Rite, as we will be staying near Rosslyn when we visit.
I found your book, "The Hiram Key" to be very enlightening and look forward to uncovering new mysteries in "Turning the Hiram Key"
By James Scaddan
I had been lost spiritually since childhood and I rejected the concept of religion, because I had seen too much of the hypocrisy. I always believed somehow that there was more to this existence than just birth and death and a lot of meaningless stuff in between. The established religions held no allure to me. At a family reunion my uncle gave me a pamphlet on free masonry. At first I just put it aside, but later I read it and became curious. I asked him a little about it but as we lived in different cities I had to rely on some friends of my father to answer more questions. I held these men in great respect as their characters were beyond reproach. They still had fun, had the few beer, told jokes but there was a depth to them that could only be seen if you looked closely. They were not judgemental or mean men. They never put anyone or any group down. It was subtle but was there. In every group situation you can always find someone who will cast aspersions on any other identifiable group than their own. These men never did. I admired that.
After I joined masonry I began to understand why. Especially my lodge as we have many religions and ethnicities. I was 44 when I joined the craft. I told my uncle later that I wished I had found out about Masonry earlier in life. He told me something I'll never forget.
I found it when I needed to. I'm a much better person now than I ever was. Previously I had not been too successful in the life mate area. 3 ex's and I can't tell you how many empty liaisons. Now I'm with a lady who accepts me as I am because I accept who I am. I know I can be better and I work on it daily.
I still don't attend church or will ever join a religion but I am more spirtual and centered than I have ever been. And I treat my fellow man with the respect that everyone deserves. I look forward to Lodge night and I'm especially active in Shriners. You have no idea how humbling it is to see a child in distress because of injury or birth and know that all it takes is a little time of my life to make it better for them.
By John Wade
Dr. Lomas,

I am a 32* Scottish Rite Mason, York Rite Mason and charter member of The Grand Archanum Allied Masonic Degree Council in Dallas Texas. I would like to thank you for your outstanding research which has through your various publications allowed me to have a better understanding of the rituals of Freemasonry. I have just started on The Book of Hiram and I can not wait to finish it.

My thoughts are as folows:

I think we should be more open about Freemasonry. I think it would definately benefit the craft as well as the communities it serves. I think some things should remain secret to uphold some level of mystery for the obligated to share, but if we had a better understanding of the rituals, and could talk confidently with non-masons about the true meaning of our fraterninty's rituals it would benefit us all.

I hope one day your travels bring you to Dallas. I would love for you to visit our lodge or attend a Scottish Rite Reunion in Dallas or York Rite Festival or perhaps be our guest at one of our AMD Conclaves.

Please keep up the good work.


John K. Wade MM 32*
By George Clayton Vincent
I became interested in Freemasonry in a most unusual way. There was once a Lodge in our town,Neepawa,Manitoba.Some of the brothers were quiet & kind,others were boisterous & desirous about money & power.One of the latter was a competitor in my trade & used every means possible to block me,manipulate contracts & perform other measures I won`t go into.Because of his & his 'brothers' actions I was beginning to believe that Freemasonry was some sort of diabolical organization out to amass riches & rip off the public purse.
Another Mason quit this lodge & passed all his books onto a friend who later gave me "The Meaning Of Masonry" by Wilmshurst.That book really opened my eyes.I had been studying all kinds of spiritual & psychic information since the early 1960s,not knowing the chaff from the kernal.Wilmshurst`s book showed me that,finally,here was the Truth I`d been searching for all these years of dabbling.
But,many attempts at joining a Lodge were blocked by this same Mason,who would forbid any Lodge I was interested in,to allow me entrance.This occured in Minnedosa,Rivers,Portage & Stonewall & others.The other lodges turned me away,but Stonewall ( Lodge #12,Manitoba ) thought my nemesis a bit pushy,and after a few more blocking moves on his part,the fine "brothers" at Stonewall accepted me.
I have since found Masonry to be a most august fraternity.But I was interested in the Esoteric knowledge deep within the CRAFT,but the others were happy with ritual & happy hour after.
It was then that Victor Popow,(Mason)of Winnipeg started a Lodge devoted to education & the study of Esoteric Freemasonry,of which I am now a member.Later Larry Swanson also a Mason in Winnipeg started SRIC( Society Rosicrusians In Canada)based also on the Esoteric aspects of Freemasonry,of which I am also a member.
Now,I am completely confident that these two organizations will assist me in reaching the ultimate goal of " Knowing Thyself". yours Geordie Vincent,Master Mason.
By rosesthorns
As you have found in your studies and travels, the simple ritual that is passed daily from one to another has very serious roots in ancient times.

It seems to me that the purpose of the masons at the lower degrees has evolved to endorsing of the multiple charities and the practicing of ceremonies with lost meaning.
Many hidden rituals are kept from them and a more secular group pervails in the highest degrees of the more secretive orders.

The details of the ancient times of Solomon speak of his ability to control daemons and spirits which may have been passed down through the ages to specific apprentices. The documents of these incantations and ceremonies may have been safely placed under the temple by them.

The lineage of the nobles and aristocrats who where the Grand Masters by there patence had posession of the temple documents and kept the secrets. Passed on only by a need to know, the lower degrees are kept in illuminated darkness of the Grand Master's own desired intensity.

When the ceremonies and rituals were changed /revised by the London faction too many rites and ceremonies lost potency and became mundane rhetoric that was proclaimed part of the lower degrees rites.

Who has and where are the pristine words and rituals from under the temple that were modified by London? What are they practicing with these verses and documents that they"protect" from the lower degrees?

Please do tell how a person beomes invited to join the Freemasons.
By Alex
Interesting subject, but still only scratching the surface of the truth. The danger lies in the serious repercussions of the untold knowledge, i.e. that modern Christianity, the restrictive glue that has bound together mankind's moral majority for 2000 years is based upon no more than the fantasy tales woven by individual prehistoric storytellers using a graphic template of early astronomical constellations, the original astrolabe, the grail .... but when the system crumbles, as it surely must, what or who will replace it? ... or could that be the Masons game plan?

By Scottish Freemason
Freemasonry to me is a collective of like minded individuals, brought together in a consensual and coherant search for a better understanding of oneself, and of mankind. It can - at it's best - bring together Princes and paupers, black and white, old and young.

I feel that it is essential that Freemasonry is kept secretive in some respects. Yes, we should demonstrate to soceity what our aims are, exclaim our work of charity and never be ashamed to call ourself craftsmen. However,I feel that two things have cheapened Freemasonry somewhat. Firstly, there is increased awareness of our secrets (such as our words, our grips, our degree work etc) through both the internet and the media explosion following The Da Vinci Code. I would imagine that this will only increase following the publication of Dan Brown's next novel. The internet is a wonderful tool by which to research subjects, but it saddens me that those who are not members of our fraternity can discover the things that we should guard most vigourously. Secondly, I feel that American Freemasonry has created a level of falseness. I have heard of American candidates being initiated en-bloc at 300 at a time, recieving all three 'blue' degrees on the one day! I am sure that my Scottish Bretheren would agree with me that this is a sad state of affairs, and one would question what real purpose this serves to those Bretheren. The three degrees performed correctly still leave me with new questions every time I see them being given!

The ritual is the heart and sole of Freemasonry. Without it Freemasonry would cease to be the force that it is today, and become nothing more than a social club. It is the importance that I place upon the rituals that has made me so proud and honoured to be qualified to the extent to which I am. This ritual has providedme with guidance at some difficult times in my life. I know that wherever I go in Scotland I will soon make new fiends as soon as I walk through the doors of a Masonic Lodge. Such an institution is one that must be preserved and honoured for all time.
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