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What Masonry means to people

Their thoughts on the Meaning of Masonry

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Turning The Hiram Key

Find out what Masonry means to Robert by reading his latest book, Turning The Hiram Key.

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By FrAlistair
Dr Lomas,
I am so pleased to have this opportunity to make contact. I have enjoyed all your books so far, though I have yet to read Uriel's Machine. Having read quite widely on Rosslyn (I live nearby) I consider your hypotheses to be highly plausible. I admire your academic rigour as well as your passion for the Craft. Though my grandfather was a mason it has been reading your books that has actually led me to Freemasonry so THANK YOU! Presently I am but an Entered Apprentice and obviously know very little, yet for what it's worth I would like to address your questions:

Should Freemasonry be secret, or should we be more open about it?
I suggest that openness is a good thing. I am a clergyman. I have the full support of my Bishop for my freemasonry and very many of my family and friemds have been encouraging. I have experienced some judgementalism too, but generally from people who have a tendency to be critical of others anyway.

If you are a Mason, what does Masonic ritual mean to you?
It's early days yet but I will say this. The fact that Masonic ritual is all learnt off my heart shows that inidviduals are prepared to devote a great deal of time and energy to the practice. I have been impressed by the devotion, humility and good natured fraternity to be seen in the conduct of ritual at my own lodge and at the two others I have attended over the last few weeks.

How did you feel when you were made a Mason?
Having received many rites of pasage over the years (Druid as well as Christian) I can say that my 1st degree was one of the most moving experiences of my life, second only to my ordination. Although the words were beautiful and symbolically rich, especially to one who is quite well read on the subject, it was the active side of the ritual, the vulnerability involved on my side and the sense of unconditional acceptance I felt coming from the brethren that made it so special.

Do you feel it (ritual) is something which can/not, or perhaps should not, be put into words?

I believe that human beings are essentially ritualistic animals. We will create rituals which assume the character of religions even if they bear little resemblance of hitherto known rituals or religions. Given time and a sufficiently sensitive environment I think I could put into words what different rituals mean to me and as a clergyman I do think it is important to try. I also think discussions of this nature would be most appropriate within the lodge, but would that be against the prohibition on talking about religion? I have found young brethren, in particular, only too willing to talk about spirituality, which is most encouraging.

Do you think Freemasonry benefits society?

Here in Scotland the charitable work of the lodges and provinces as well as Grand Lodge is most impressive. However, I believe that freemasonry benefits society in other ways such as providing an alternative spiritual path for many men who feel alienated from conventional religion (often for good reason). To welcome men to such a tried and tested spiritual path as Freemasonry is itself a great public service as it is undoubtedly a system which emphasises moral improvement and integrity above all else.

Let brotherly love prevail and may moral and social virtue cement us!
By Mauro Cerulli
1) Freemasonry should be more open to people.
2) Masonic rituals are very important and I don't like the manipulations that they were subjectes in the last centuries;
3) I was very happy when I was made a Mason but I needed al lot of time to understand that Freemasonry is a different thing compared with what was describes to me.
4) Masonic ritual, Masonic reunions are part of my life: I like to have relationship with freemason of all the world, I like to compare my thoughts with other Masonic people. It'a wonderful experience.
5) It's possible. Masonic ritual is something of magic: the problem is that often we don't undestand the exoteric meaning of the secrets hidden in our rituals.
By Fran
Thank you for your books you wonderful researchers and writers. The 2nd messiah caught my eye in the book store (Barnes @ Noble) where I see they had reprinted it. In my own studies I know how right on this book is, so, I bought Uriel's machine! I am having some degree of difficulty with your calling the gods GOD. I am assuming you mean GOD-Primary consciousness and we are gods but 2nd consciousness in my own understanding. Because how could GOD judge itself?? And since IT lives in everyone how do we rate ourselves as less than? Anyway, I am still reading the section of u's machine that deals with the flood. I do have knowledge that 35000 years ago the old continent of Lemuria was still 'up' and so was Atlantis. When the Atlanteans(sp)? used laser weapons they pierced the stratum and the resulting fall of waters gave us oceans but took out Lemuria. America was swampland in those days but it was the Atlatians that gave the sunk continent peoples of Lemuria their refuge. However it was begrudged and they did not understand the Lemurians- who were what is called today aliens. They were very very tall and dark skinned black haired beauties. The Atlatians are descended today as American Indians There was a way to cross from Lemuria to Atlantis through what would become the USA but in those days no one paid it attention because it was swampland. Now to the inland seas caused by the NOAH flood. There are a couple of bodies of water inland about 2/3 hours from L.A. that are salt water and when I asked the natives no one knew how this happened and now you have explained it, it makes sense. About the DNA, since they have had the opportunity to dig up some of these tall Lemurians who left the struggle and ventured all the way to India in the mountains in the North, for a home and peace, perhaps their is now some ties in with your present findings??. About Freemasonery! I was delighted to read your books and I think they should be required reading in all schools because of the truth about Yeshua (Jesus) and his brother. I had no idea that FREEMASONS were preserving truth from so far back. Thanks for the opportunity to share - Frances.
By Reading again.
The meaning of Masonry to me at this time, is a means by which a historic account was to be preserved. I have come across a memorial to an ancestor which contains a rubbing from a tombstone in Ireland which includes a skull and cross bones together with a heart and two roses. Having read Hiram Key, Second Messiah and Urials Machine I am very interested in why my ancestor would have these symbols on his tombstone! You have re-kindled my intrest in reading books after 23 years of not picking one up to read it.
Hi Robert I'm very pleased that I can make contact with you. the story goes some three or so years ago when I started my exploration on freemasons. I was and still am very interested in this field.
all that stuff fascinates me that I have even started to write my own book on impressions and things that I have red.
yours and Cristophers books were a things that gave me a new look on history of mankind and tech me a lesson that not all the things in history were a random order of events.
I don't know if I will be maybe accused by some masons for telling this because I still have some doubts about how they act when people tell something they didn't supposed to.
I will send you in some way my book when I finish it sou you can tell me if it's worth anything.

so much for now.
By Jason Florentino
I would first like to start off by saying that I have searched for a higher understanding and a higher meaning in my life since I was 15. I simply wanted to know more. Most organized religions have given me a sense of uneasiness due to their dogmatic and selfish ways. I believed in the God they were talking about, but I didn't believe that they're hearts were behind the truth. They simply needed comfort. I have been curious about the Masons since I was 10 however; my great-grandfather was a Mason and when he died, I inherited his Bible. I have since then become a man. I am 22 now. I have read many books on MANY ideas, and have been largely affected by The Hiram Key and The Book of Hiram. I have yet to read ALL of the books you have published, but the day is fast approaching. Keep in mind that I am not a Mason, however I am still ambivalent about joining, or being accepted.

Should Freemasonry be secret, or should we be more open about it?

In the grand scheme of things, I don't feel that Freemasonry is secretive because they have secrets to keep. Rather, it is secretive, because the knowledge & overall worldly disposition of religion is too much for ninety percent of the world. To truly know what has happened in history, the amount of cover-ups that have been in play; it would take a strong individual or GROUP of individuals (such as Masons) to be able to handle the information, control it, and use it for a better purpose. If you were more open about the things that went on, people would mistrust your honesty; so sometimes the greatest secrets are left to the best secret-keepers.

What does Masonic ritual mean to you?

Since I am not fully knowledgeable with most of the ritual, I cannot say. The books that have been written by Chris & Robert have probably opened the eyes of quite a few Masons, as well as those who are not initiated.

The main point I wanted to get across is my personal ambivalence towards joining. I have met quite a few Masons who, at first glance (when I say glance, they look me up and down, judge my character) wonder if I am at that point to be something positive for Masonry. I feel that Masonry is for bettering self, with the help of your brothers and God above. I have met one Mason who told me flat out, "You don't join, you are given permission to join." Then when I questioned him further, as to the things that they do together, aside from the ritual, it basically came across as picnics with families and a lot of drinking. I am not opposed to the idea, but I am not interested in a college frat party once a month. I seek spiritual enlightenment, and all I've heard of is the great parties they throw. I'm sure that there is more under it, but it is still disheartening to see that with the widespread membership of Masonry, it has lost its true purpose, it's true secrets. It was about God above; now it seems to be about brotherhood, and not even in fellowship....just a big overexaggerated college frat. I wonder if I might be in the wrong location for joining. Perhaps Scotland would be more after the idea of enhancing those who join. Yet I still feel like Chris & Robert are probably some of the only Masons who hold strong to seeking the truth. Thank you for allowing me to rant.

By Brian
Freemasonry, of itself, has survived through keeping the rituals, symbolic meanings, and fraternization, silent among the public. I recently was initiated into the Blue Lodge as an Entered Apprentice and found the meaning of the ritual very important to me because it struck a chord of importance within me. Having come from a family grounded in the Masonic order (Father a Past Master, Great-Grandfather in both York and Scottish Rite, and my great-uncles all having been involved in the Blue Lodge as well as Scottish Rite) the continuance of a family tradition, and additionally the symbolic meaning, was very important to me. The Masonic order is designed to help men become better men, teach them important facets of life, and assist them in finding and strengthening their understanding of their own spirituality. The meaning of being a Mason can not be put into words, often feelings can't be placed into words when they are turningpoints as well in ones life. To publicize the masonic mysteries should never be an option and is an oath that every Mason has sworn to protect no matter the outcome.
By Davidg
I believe that Freemasonry has been, is, and will continue to be a positive force in my life. It and its rituals draw the brethren together as a community when most forces of modern society draw us apart.
I believe that Masonry should be less secret as an institution, however it is very necessary that we keep our secrets and that those mistaken brehtren who reveal them, even though they believe its for the best good, should be rejected by the Craft.

I am now the Master of my Lodge and look forward to many years of enjoyment in the Craft.
By Bob
I have been reading "The Book of Hiram" and I think it is one of the best books I have ever read. And I read 3 - 5 books a week. While I am not a Mason, I am a highly trained composer and I know that a lot of what I was taught about music is not taught in schools and is not public knowledge. I studied privately with 5 different composers. I also teach and try to open as much information as I can to my students. I open them up to ideas about playing and writing that they have not heard before. I see that this changes them. It gets them thinking. Thinking is a threat to controlling groups. This is why artists other and intellectuals are shunned in the US and other oppressive countries.

I don't know if what I have learned and teach has been hidden on purpose or not. But if you listen to the music on the radio and look at who markets it, I think you'll come to some interesting conclusions.

Your work is opening the minds of people. There are entities out there who are intimidated by this. I've encountered this in my own field. Some groups are so controlling. Religeous, political, business, academic and secret groups want to keep information hidden for their own benefit.

I believe the only way to really free people is to openly give them information that will benefit them.
By David
Christchurch New Zealand

That is more than likely the latest resting place of the great intrinisic treasure

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