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What Masonry means to people

Their thoughts on the Meaning of Masonry

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Turning The Hiram Key

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By Sanjay
To me, masonry is all about building character. It allows even high introverted people to express themselves in the confines of the temple, by the way of either perambulations or rendering the portions, by rote, if it be, that prompts the person to start exploring what it will be, when he starts cohabiting with others. Freemasonry brings to the table, for each individual, on what he seeks in life. To the inquisitive or investigative mind, there are enough orders which can render to their appetite. To those who seek spirituality in their personal lives, masonry will teach you how to be spiritual, yet be down to earth in behaviour. Duty, honour and virtue binds a mason to his belief. But sadly, of late, more of the people, use the fraternity, to make advancement in ranks, honour, positions, and to achieve this end, they resort to chicanery, falsehood, backstabbing, jealousy, greed and contemptuous attitude towards the brethren.
I would like to add here, that in my short journey in freemasonry, I have seen many men in masonry, but, sadly not masonry in many men.
By Woodduck
1. Freemasonry should not be secret, except for ritual. How else do you recruit and maintain membership.
2. Ritual is what separates us from all other organisations, many wear aprons, bibs or other distinguishing characteristics similar to freemasons - but none have ritual with the historical background.
3. I followed a family tradition that was interrupted with my dad, my grandparents and great grandparents were freemasons.
4. Significantly played a role, when I joined I was a blue collar worker. The hidden mysteries of nature and science resonated with me as did by education alone we were rendered fit members of society. This led me to study and over the last 18 years have completed 2 post graduate degrees and 2 masters degrees and currently researching for a Ph.D.
5. Words can adequately describe what freemasonry is and the correct attitude and ideals can help to promote and grow freemasonry. Too many people think only of themselves, within freemasonry as well as in public, a proper leadership model that embraces all people rather than individual principalities and agendas can only promote the real ideals of freemasonry.
By Perdurabo
Should Freemasonry be secret, or should we be more open about it?

It should be out in the open although the rituals and traditional secrets should be better guarded

Is a member of your family a Freemason, and how do you feel about that?

My godfather was a Freemason. He was such a good man and was so loved that he endorsed the values of Masonry

If you are a Mason, what does Masonic ritual mean to you?

The rituals are about initiation and spiritual transformation. Ritual is the most important aspect of Freemasonry. Rank, promotion or socio political action is not important or relevant.

How did you feel when you were made a Mason?

as a child of the secular and positivist 20th Century it was my first contact with something spiritual

And what role has Masonic ritual played in your life since?

a complement

Do you feel it is something which can not, or perhaps should not, be put into words?

yes, I think this fair to say, we could venture many definitions but none would nail it

Do you think Freemasonry benefits society?

yes, because it is among other things a moral science and deals with ethics
By Yorkshire Enquirer
I have been interested in finding out more about Freemasonry for years, having heard most of the stereotypes and prejudice, and wanting to discover the truth. Unfortunately I have been quite a busy person, and have not managed to really find the time to do more research.

What I find intriguing about Freemasonry is the offer of fraternity and self improvement, whilst also providing service to the community. These are ideals I hold dear, and have endeavoured to follow my entire life. Now reaching middle age and finding myself slightly at a loss over how to guide my life, freemasonry is once again becoming appealing, and I am seriously considering seeking membership.
Masonry has changed my life in becoming much more aware what I am and what this does to my environment. Thus it makes me aware about my opportunity to positively influence myself and the world around me.
It also taught me through rituals and symbols to stick to my inner workings (mentally and physically) but to also realise that I need to check, adjust and calibrate my thinking and doing this constantly to improve my being and my interaction.

This had become my continuous goal and program in life.
By Thomas Didymous the Gemini
My thought on secrecy and the "secret" is that I know 99% of the free masons have no clue about the original secret. It might depend on several causes but mainly due to overtaking by the free masons archenemy and the obscurity of time.
The iconic tools of freemasonry should be a very telling piece of tread leading towards the truth that never should have been concealed from humanity!
At the time when freemasonry begun, was a very dark period as most of all true knowledge was destroyed and had been so for near a millennia!
The dark ages came to its "celestial" ending of the old world era in 2012.
But in the very ignorant,dogmatic and filled with vain pride era of, western/European capitalistic "survival of the strongest" education= we know everything, "we are the peak of evolution and civilization" system!! People assume education equal knowledge, when it's nothing but memorizing what you been feed!!
Well, during the dark ages the inquisition and it's pawns the conquistadors in various forms, went all over the world and destroyed the truth in what ever form it was presented in!
People today have no clue of how much knowledge that was destroyed and burned! How many millions of humans all over the world that directly or indirectly perished due to the various European royalties and the church "colonizing"=subduing the world to become slaves!
So the truth was a very dangerous thing to possess and was partly a natural part in the "tool box" of the original mastery of the master masons, and was most likely only learned out a very few, as is rather apparent considering the very few masons responsible for much of the great constructions this side of the year 0..
And as freemasonry shifted direction towards a elitist money craving occult sphere of influence organisation that it is today! This because of a most likely enemy to the truth overtake beginning in the "ground zero" land of royalty, this basic and ancient truth was rooted out!!
Truth should never be a secret!! But becomes so because of Necessity and it's telling to know who was the enemy of freemasonry!!
And it's telling to know that the church endorsed both the evolution theory=worship of the beast(fulfilled!) at a time when no evidence existed, and still doesn't!!!
And the same church that burned and tortured people for worshipping a serpent(how dangerous could that be if it wasn't built on ancient knowledge of course!??), but the church endorsed the heresy of heresies namely the heliocentric model??? A vague theory at best at the time that contradicted the scriptures at the very core???
As did the Darwinian evolution theory??? Was anyone burned at the stake for that??? No but if you liked serpents or healed people you was!???
Is it any wonder the church didn't like the free masons that was sitting on at least part of ancient truth??
Is it any wonder that The Lord g-d hated the serpent that spread the truth to the ignorant inhabitants in the enclosured "garden"/slave farm???
The truth is though still shown in the various free mason symbols, specially in the tools that leads to the eye in the sky!!
The sad thing is that the truth needed to become a secret!!
Knowledge is only dangerous to those that do not have it!
Knowledge WILL set us free because it will lead people to know their real value and thus reevaluate everything they think they know since what they know today is nothing but memory of what's been told them!
Humanity today are assumers that assumes that the history that is written by the winners has anything to do with reality or truth.
History is written by the winners and due to the dark ages, wrong side(evil) won!
But that is quickly changing from within us as intuition is returning as one of our senses!
There are much more to say about free masonry and it's various connections to the holy grail and the Templars, illuminati and the octopus tentacles! As well as the "secrets" and the SECRETS in freemasonry as well as other occult/secret societies.
I have no doubt the vast "masses" of the 1-3 degree initiates are honest people that likes the feeling to be part of a community/brotherhood. And to have a "secret" that through initiation makes you feel a trust to each other, but also that little extra to "know" more than the average person, and have connections when needed..
But that belonging should encompass all as well as the help through connections when needed!! All that would be a natural if the truth was known by all. This world and it's various forms of resources belongs to us all and should rightfully be spread and shared by everyone!!
No one has the right to claim he owns land, water or any resource at all, it was all created to humanity!!
I have vague ideas about what secrets the Templars found, it was of same kind that the last 2000 years has been destroyed and still are in Syria, Libya, Iraq etc by western created conflicts a la problem action solution Operations!
But the fundamental truth that needed to be kept secret in original freemasonry was there from the beginning as the tool symbols shows. But it has most likely been changed into some fake, "the real new age" biblical "secret"!
Well then that truth begun to flood the internet after 2012!
Can you solve the riddle to the truth that will set you free for real??
This is not meant in any accusing or ranting way, but just in the way of straight honest truth!
Truth might hurt and is since millennia back the most feared and ridiculed of all teachings!!
We are even thought that our g-d didn't want us to know the difference of good and evil?? Only someone with something to hide would want something like that!! Or if it gave power!!
This from our god that loves us and created us in their images and to their likeness???
I have always questioned the way we are told that knowledge shouldn't be shared with the ignorant??
But understanding that the elite has the knowledge and thus has leverage that they want to keep, and it makes sense!! And for as long as humanity doesn't know the truth, can and will power corrupt!!
And holding on to knowledge will not lead you to the true and existing heaven!!
Today as evil rules the world, everything is thought backwards, evil is good and good evil and flat is spherical etc etc..
Spread the word of truth!!!
By Sir. Knight Vix Vickers Sinclair 111

A Cenotaph in Memoriam to 13:
One of the last bastions, surviving and in servitude of the Noble Knights; past and present. The revivification of such establishment shall be soon be realized.

Sir. Knight Vix Vickers Sinclair 111
In Hoc Signo Vinces

By Lee Miller
Perhaps a very big co-incidence, but in reading "The Hiram Key" many moons ago I decided to overlay the Kabbalah Tree of Life on the schematic of Rosselyn Chapel from the book and it was an exact match.
The three pillars of the Freemasonry are Wisdom [Solomon], Strength [Hiram, King of Tyre] and Beauty [Hiram Abiff], and the Serphiroth for Beauty [Tefireth] fits exactly on the site noted in 'The Hiram Key in the floor schematic of Rosselyn Chapel.

I have a graphic of this, if you have an email where I can send it.

The Tree of Life fits perfectly on the schematic, matching the columns and windows of the Chapel.

Fraternally yours,


By Jay Folk
Freemasonry is truly a beautiful and elaborate system of teachings and a vast social institution worthy of its popularity. It has faithfully defined an aeon, and as Wilmhurst himself declared, its ultimate goal has held strong; beyond all outward trappings and forms, and despite the suffocating darkness of this age, Freemasonry remains the only "true" witness and doorkeeper to the sacred Light of the Great Lamp, that the Masters of the Greater Mysteries continue to have an entrance point into these profane dimensions and vice versa, whereby our lesser brothers may be cultivated and drawn out and into the Initiation of that nameless mystery - that Great Work of the Ages - which has ever been the provision and providence of the Good Architect, the Master, Our Lady, and the Eternal Lodge wherein the inevitable redemption of fallen humanity is housed.

But aside from acting as a potential doorway to greater vistas of initiation, that system in and of itself is essentially worthless in relation to the pursuit of the individual aspirant. For the modern Initiate is caught in a terrible paradox. The crushing forces of materialism and social conformity ever seek to stifle and repress the profound yearnings of even the most astute Seeker of Light. The initiations of the three degrees can, of course, help to crack the shell and begin the turning of the millstone of the soul toward self-awareness of the gravity of the total adventure, but as a great and notorious master once said "Initiation cannot be bought, or even conferred; it must be won by personal endeavor...” - This point is lost on most men, who join the Brotherhood simply for its social and charitable benefit, who go through their apprenticeship, passing, raising, and on through the ascending teachings of York and Scottish rite and finally the Arch, with nary a clue as to what it all "means."

Nevertheless, I am thankful myself that Freenasonry exists; I am grateful for the fellowship, and for the tradition of history of which I am now a part. May all brethren eventually come to full Understanding through the Wizdom of the Secret Teaching to that spotless abode in the cavern of the Heart wherein lies the diamond of True Knowledge, Perfect Happiness, and Eternal Love. So mote it be!
By Peter Harding
I have been a Mason for 20 years now and look forward to your survey, so here goes:

When I was going through the first three degrees my mentor told me that the only things that he considered real “secrets” were the rituals of the degrees themselves; as outside of a masonic context or initiatory experience the real impact and meaning would be lost and that would open yet another can of worms for those looking for more fodder for their conspiracy theories. I don’t believe being more “open” (whatever that may include) would potentially bring in new members or allay detractors. I have tried numerous times to explain masonry to various people and more often than not told I don’t know what I’m talking about as there is yet another exposé showing what ne’er-do-wells we are and that Satan still lurks within our doors (I think at this point these people should enquire of the Water Buffalo Lodge that Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble belong to). Here in the U.S we do have open installation of officers that the public can attend (both in our adult and youth organizations). How well attended these are by the non-masonic public I’m not sure. Those who approach us with interest will come and those that aren’t interested or fearful will be such no matter what we do.

I am a member of AF&AM Lodge #109 in Milwaukie Oregon USA, as well as a member of York Rite and the Scottish Rite (Knight Templar - 32° respectively) and an Associate Patron of our Order of the Eastern Star chapter. My wife, daughter, and mother are also members of the Order of the Eastern Star, and our daughter was a member of Job’s Daughters as well. I have to confess that I was raised in a decidedly non-masonic family, but was always wondering about bigger things (thinking big thoughts you might say). The masons I met were very patient in answering my questions and pointing me to books both positive and negative toward the fraternity. I suppose what did it in the end was that these masonic families we were meeting were genuinely great people, what some would call the salt-of-the-earth type, and the lists of famous masons I kept coming across. Somehow I couldn’t reconcile Mozart, Voltaire, Duke Ellington, and John Wayne with being rabid Satan worshipers. Also, when the investigating committee came to interview me prior to joining, they asked my wife what she thought of all this. We were both very impressed (even when they said if I gave away any secrets I would have to work Bingo night for a year!). My father was puzzled by my becoming a mason, but I’ve always felt he was a Mason at heart even though he never wanted to join. My mother later joined after he passed away and has enjoyed the company of the other Star members very much.

I enjoy the ritual very much (as does my wife and daughter in Star) even though as I moved through the various degrees, you didn’t really grasp what was going on as there is little to prepare me for what was about to happen. I appreciate very much the symbolism throughout and being a part of the Scottish Rite Master Craftsman program (a correspondence educational and research course) has been immensely eye opening, educational and thought provoking. I have learned that you can only make an impression once, and the rituals I have been through, and participated in have been memorable and inspiring.

When I began my masonic journey I was beyond excited. I will say I was a younger member of the lodge (being a youthful 35 years old then) and now I am a more senior member, our average membership age being late 20’s. I went through the first three degrees in about six months and my wife and I joined Star a little later, with York Rite and Scottish Rite much later still. I am still excited attending meetings (yes, seriously) and upon occasion give presentation on masonic symbolism and history.

There is a very good website ( ) where it is mentioned how masonry should be thought of as similar to college; the various degrees being the various classes one would take. This analogy is very apt and helps to better explain our system to non-masons. I think people become stuck in linear/hierarchical thinking and have a difficult time grasping something that doesn’t work that way. I appreciate that so much of the ritual motivates toward improvement intellectually and spiritually. I habitually mention to others that the Age of Enlightenment is alive and well within our doors!

I believe words are needed to expound on historical or symbolic background, but words can become rather convoluted when 18th or 19th century elocution or writing style becomes involved (I hope Messrs. Pike and Waite forgive me); although I would not suffer to have masonic works or ritual translated into txtng! Symbols are a tricky thing. Look at the (in)famous pyramid on the reverse of the U.S. dollar bill; where the eye of providence, a once well-established symbol known to most, is now relegated to the Illuminati and never ending list of conspiracies. Only education can solve this. However some view icons with an iconoclastic eye and nothing will convince them otherwise.

In so far as Freemasonry’s influence on society goes; I don’t believe half of the improvements we have seen would have happened without it. With the likes of John Locke and Voltaire; the impetus of public education that evolved out of the lodges in the 18th century, the struggle for “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” (I’ll bet this might sound familiar to our non-masonic readers). Masonry has survived wars, Nazis, Communists, revolutions, many social and political upheavals. Our support of charities has benefitted thousands and inspired thousands. I cannot help but believe that without masonry a universal understanding between religions would be more difficult and the world could not help but suffer for it. We bear the torch of the Age of Enlightenment… and we bear it well!
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