The Technology of the Megalithic Builders

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The Technology of the Megalithic Builders

What are Megaliths?

Here is a typical Megalithic Structure.

Here is one with a 400 ton Capstone.

What technology did these people have?

Letís look at some of the Structures.

Carnac France

Stonehenge (henge only)

Bryn Celli Ddu Anglesey

Newgrange Ireland

Maes Howe Outside

Maes Howe Inside

They had Factories Mass producing Stone Axes

Sites of Stone Factories

Their Ceramics

A Grooved Ware Pot

Grooved Ware & Symbols

Symbols from Newgrange, Ireland and Skara Brae, Orkney

Grooved Ware Astronomers

Winter Solstice Sunset Maes Howe

Winter Solstice Sunrise Newgrange

Use of Lightbox Slits

The Light Slit and Pillar at Bryn Celli Ddu

The Sunís declination displayed by Bryn Celli Ddu

The Buried Symbol Stone

A Meaning for the Symbols?

But these People also had a National System of Measurement.

Thomís Megalithic Yard

The Accuracy of the M Yard.

Thomís comment on these people.

How did they produce the M Yard?

Making a Megalithic Yard


This lecture entitled "The Megalith Builders" was given on Friday 1st September 2000 at the Orkney Arts Theatre as part of the Orkney Science Festival.

How did they do it? - Dr Robert Lomas and Prof. Archie Roy discussed the technology, mathematics and engineering skills of the Grooved Ware people, the people who built the Megalithic structures of Britain.

The evening was sponsored by Random House and Orcades Viking Ltd.

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