The Royal Society

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The Royal Society

1600 - An Age of Witchcraft

James VI

He should have been succeeded by Prince Henry Frederick

His Younger Brother Charles became Prince of Wales

Robert Moray

The Record of Moray’s Freemasonic Initiation

By 1642 Charles is driven from of London to Oxford

July 1644 Charles is defeated at Battle of Marston Moor

Charles I is tried for Treason

Charles II is proclaimed King in Jersey and Scotland

Charles II is crowned King of Scots at Scone Palace 1 Jan 1651

What of Sir Robert Moray?

Charles was Restored to the Throne of England in June1660

Within 3 Months of Returning to London Moray formed the most important Scientific Society in the World

Charles had Problems

Moray used his Freemasonry

What Freemasonry could he use?

How do I know this?

Membership Records of Royal Society

Moray used his knowledge of Freemasonry to create a society to support the Navy of Charles II

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We all benefit from Moray’s attempt to help the struggling king

This lecture about the Origins of the Royal Society (sponsored by the Institute of Physics) was given on Thursday 6th September 2001 at the Pickaquoy Cinema as part of the Orkney Science Festival.

It covers Robert's latest research on the role of Freemason Sir Robert Moray in the creation of what is probably the most important scientific society in the world, the Royal Society of London.

Robert is currently finishing off a book covering the material, in detail, to be published by Headline early next year.

Details will be posted on the website as they become available.

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