Illustrations of Masonry

William Preston


Book 1

Section 1- Reflections on the symmetry and proportion in the works of Nature, and on the harmony and affection among the various species of beings

Section 2 - The advantages of friendship

Section 3 - Origin of Masonry, and its general advantages

Section 4 - Masonry considered under two denominations

Section 5 - Government of the Fraternity

Section 6 - Reasons why the secrets of Masonry ought not to be publically exposed; and the importance of those secrets demonstrated.

Section 7 - Few Societies exempted from censure. Irregularities of masons no argumnet against the institution.

Section 8 - Charity the distinguishing characteristic of masons

Section 9 - The discernment displayed by masons in the choice of objects of charity.

Section 10 - Friendly admonitions


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